U is for… Up to date #atozchallenge

I got asked the other day about how to ensure that you are up to date with your to do list (and that everything is actually getting dealt with) by a friend who uses the “disposable to do list” method

The Problem

Provided you stick to the method, you should be re-writing what has not been done out again to keep you up to date. However, this is only good, if it actually comes of your list as soon as it *can* be done. So how do you remember when it can be done?

Note: (If you are simply procrastinating and putting it off – it will remain on your list as there is nothing motivating you to actually get it off your list. If this is your problem another to do list method will suit you better).

The solution

The solution is working a diary update in with your disposable to do list. Remind yourself when you need to look at it again. No it is not twice the work – it enables you to forget about something until you can deal with it (and you don’t have to rewrite it on your list every day).

The worked example

I sent a letter to the DVLA. So I take “write letter to DVLA” off my disposable to do list in the usual manner. It is now done. If I was simply using the disposable to do list this would be replaced by – “check DVLA have responded to my letter and progress” and written out everyday until it got done, or if I could not be bothered to keep writing it out, would get forgotten about. So I know on average it takes 6 weeks for a response (if it is not as regular simply ask when you should get a response regarding xyz). I then diarise (in my regular diary so I know I will see it) 6 weeks from posting to chase letter if not received. At this stage it then goes back on the disposable to do list. If of course the letter does come back prior to my diary reminder it has gone back on my disposable to do list anyway. So no need to worry about that.

Easy. Never be afraid to use multiple methods with each other – just don’t over complicate.


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