W is for… Writing #atozchallenge

To own so many notebooks you have to love writing. Otherwise what is the point – you just end up with a bunch of blank notebooks. Empty and sad. Yes I love notebooks but I love writing more.

I write a lot about organisational skills and using notebooks to manage your time, keep track of your to do list, and all sorts of wonderful things but I rarely write about writing in a notebook purely for the love of writing. Maybe because it sometimes makes me sad and that doesn’t inspire others. Writing:

Being creative.
Putting words to a page.
Being messy.
Generating ideas.
Telling a story.
Keeping a journal.

I used to just write, and write and write. Anything and everything. A good hour at the end of every day dedicated to filling up another notebook. A traumatic event stopped this habit. I didn’t want to write anymore. This was 5 years ago. I never got into that habit again, but my blog and notebooks got me back into writing… And I enjoy it once again.

I continue to write, because I enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “W is for… Writing #atozchallenge

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