Z is for… Zen #atozchallenge

Where is your zen place?

Where do you write, blog, draw, create?

At the moment I enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning. I have taken to coming into work early (to beat the traffic) and I write while enjoying my first cup of tea of the day.

Previously I wrote during my train commute but since I stopped commuting by train I found it hard to get into a proper writing routine with all the bustle of home life, the distractions and the chores etc. whether it was in the morning or the evening. Then I tried the balcony (which only works in good weather by the way) to get me “out of the house” without being out of the house and found that it was much too cold even on balmy days due to the wind (unless I am in a bad mood and going for the me against the world attitude).

So for now arriving at work early will have to do.


One day … I will have my perfect haven, my zen place, a place of tranquility….a home office? A shed? Until then the joy of the notebook and pen (and ipad) will have to keep me going!


3 thoughts on “Z is for… Zen #atozchallenge

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