A to Z reflections #atozchallenge

Well this is it, my a to z challenge reflections post. The month of April has been rather hectic on the blogging front. I initially intended to do the a to z challenge for 2 of my blogs. It didn’t quite go like that and I focused to getting it done for one of my blogs. This one.

I participated in the challenge as a means of blog revival. I was out of the regular blogging routine, blogging sporadically or not at all and I was looking for a way back in. It worked (for now) and has inspired me to try more blog challenges and blogfests even if they aren’t aimed at blogs like mine.


My blog is a notebook/pen and paper blog not the target audience of the challenge, but I took it up as plenty of writers take part in the challenge, and if you are a writer, you must use pen and paper at some point. So I hope someone enjoyed it as I only got a handful of extra followers (but don’t worry there is still time and I am still reading my way through the list).

This is the first time I have properly done a challenge, it has been great. The only other thing I try to do every once in a while is the Pen, Pencil and Paper Carnival. however, I love the idea of themes and prompts etc, adds a bit more of the challenge to the writing – so feel free to point me towards any (or good places to find out about such things) in the comments.

Thanks for visiting!! I survived!!

4 thoughts on “A to Z reflections #atozchallenge

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