Olympics 2012 Filofax

I know I recently wrote about Olympics merchandise during my #atozchallenge and I wasn’t expecting to come back to it again so soon. But a shopping trip to John Lewis over the bank holiday weekend, brought the Olympics edition of the Filofax to my attention. I’ve only started getting back into Filofaxes this year, so the announcement of this Filofax escaped me at the time. Nevertheless, with the Olympics fast approaching it is time to consider picking one of these babies up.

I am only attending one event at the Olympics, I don’t visit London unless for work and I don’t typically watch the Olympics – so as cool as the filofax is, it is really not for me.

However, they did a fantastic job with this product. It contains the schedule of the events, detailed info about the events and where they are being held, underground/transport map, map of Olympic venues, and a guide to London. What is also excellent is that for the period of the Olympics the diary pages are day per page instead of the usual two page per week format. And finally of course it has the Olympics 2012 branded cover (both pink and blue design).

It is a neat product. I would certainly recommend getting one if you are visiting london for the Olympics for a period of time or if you are are a fan of the olympics and simply going to be glued to the tv over the Olympics period. It is very informative.

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