Blogfest: first loves

Today is Alex’s “first loves” Blogfest which I found thanks to the a to z challenge.


So here goes:

first movie
Gone with the wind: Truly epic and longest movie ever but it is a fantastic love story set against a great historical backdrop. I watch it every year at Christmas time with my parents… still. Not my favourite movie, but gone with the wind is definitely the first I fell in love with and watch on a regular basis.

first band/song:
Being Hard-of-Hearing I was late to embrace the music scene, and even now, while I enjoy listening to the tunes, and noise of music. It still gives me a certain amount of frustration, I cannot hear the words, cannot sing along, and I am usually left humming quietly to myself. Tunes tend to be recognised from movie soundtracks, and only get introduced to “what everyone else is listening” which I somehow pick up by osmosis. However one of my favourite songs is Tom Diner by Suzanne Vega. Clear, distinct voice washing over you and full of emotion. Beautiful.a song introduced to me by my father who was determined to find me a song to love.

first book:
The Narnia books by C.S.Lewis were the first proper series that I read as a child. I had the books, the tapes and the videos of the tv series (much better than the recent movies). My favourite book is the first in the series: the magicians nephew (the prequel to the much more famous/popular book the lion, the witch and the wardrobe). Ironically I never read them since. But rewatch, rewatch and rewatch – clearly I’ve got lazy.

first person:
The first person I “loved” in a purely childish (crush) sense was my best friend from my childhood. Why? They understood me. Nothing more, nothing less. Only the ideal romanticism that it was possible to fall in love with the kid down the street and that it would “last”. In the end, it was the mother that got in the way.

Thanks for stopping by.


15 thoughts on “Blogfest: first loves

  1. I think it ate my first comment…
    The Narnia books were my favorite. I liked Dawn Treader and Horse and His Boy best.

  2. Sorry I’m late.
    I’ve never watched Gone w/ the Wind but you’re not the first to mention it either. I might have to re-think that decision.
    Great picks.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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