To do: Register Filofax… Tick

This morning I finally got round to registering my filofax.

6 months later.

I wasn’t prompted by any particular act or event, I had no near miss with accidentally leaving my Filofax behind or anything like that. I just got it into my head to do a five minute todo while waiting for the kettle to boil. I just happened to have my Filofax lying open on my desk.


Have you registered yours yet? If so, has anyone reading actually lost their Filofax lost and had it returned using this service?

I think it is kind of like breakdown cover – if you have it, you don’t use it, the moment you forget to renew your cover – you break down.

not registered it yet? It can be done while the kettle is boiling – nothing should be stopping you. Get another thing off your to-do list.


4 thoughts on “To do: Register Filofax… Tick

  1. Need to add that to my list of things to do 🙂

    However, the one that I left on the train had been registered and I still never saw it again. But to be fair – who could resist an A5 aqua Finsbury…?

  2. Great question! I’ve often wondered if anyone has lost their FF and had it returned through the service AND I’ve wondered what the “reward” is that the person who turned in the FF receives.

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