Book Review: Books Make a Home

An eye catching book, filled with book eye candy, what could go wrong? Books make a home: Elegant ideas for storing and displaying books by Damian Thompson makes a fantastic “coffee table book” the pictures are enough to make any book lover drool, by the sheer amount of shelving and books pictured.

However, there was a distinct lack of creativity, if I actually wanted ideas regarding shelving and creative storing ideas, google is my friend. Just browsing generally I have creative ideas to use when I have my own house etc. The book is a handy guide, all in one place, but some of it is just common sense.

That said the love of books comes though in this e-dominant world and it is an enjoyable read. The pictures are great, and I am sure that everyone who reads this will take something away.

This is a borrow rather than buy book. But books do make a home (yes, books shelves surround me) and I probably will keep adding to the collection so there is inspiration to be drawn.

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