to do lists (and drawing tick boxes) #filofax #icad

Firstly, apologies to those of you who have been looking for notebook content and not index card mania. Bad news… ICAD is continuing until the end of July. Good news there are some notebook related posts in the pipeline.

Lately, I have been a big fan of the Tick box (aka checkbox) when writing my to do list. It is neater than scribbling or crossing out methods that I normally use. why? Because I don’t want to mess up the look of my Filofax, which is where my to do list seems to have migrated of late.

How many to do lists do you have in your Filofax?
(Or if you don’t have a Filofax, how many to-do lists do you maintain?)

I have tried numerous methods when it comes to managing my to-do lists but I always like to try new things. So I swap and change… a lot! Currently my Filofax manages my to-do lists for outside of work and my outlook calendar manages my work related to do list. As you can tell both are calendar based.

My Filofax to-do lists

In answer to the question above I have 4 separate regular to-do lists:

  • front page
  • I put my “random-thoughts-which-need-organising” to do list on the inside of the front cover for easy access. I use this when I get a flash of inspiration whether it is something I want to read, research, write about or simply even google.

  • month to do list
  • I keep a “things to do in “insert month here” list” which I write on a little square piece of paper that moves with my today marker each week until they are all checked off. Next month (July) I am getting my finances in order and hopefully getting ready to jump onto the property ladder.


  • diary to do list
  • Where I either need or want to do an item on a particular day I write this into the main diary area. This is usually phone calls that I need to make, emails I need to send etc.


  • next year to do list
  • This goes at the back of the diary for important things you don’t want to forget. More useful towards the end of the year but I have a few items on there already… Such as renew passport.


    I will also produce and insert my own separate to-do lists if they relate to a particular event or topic/category such as my #icad entry for today is my July writing schedule:


    The card will then get punched and added into the Filofax, either in a particular week (if event related) or in a category in my a-z tabs if topic/category related such as my reading list, writing list and things to do on my blog etc.

    There are endless choices. How do you manage to do lists in your Filofax? Or do they not have a place?


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