Stickers on the cover of your Filofax?

Yes or no?

I complained last year when my mother “defaced” my Filofax by sticking a big apple sticker on the front of it (to match the iPad). 8 months later I have gotten used to it and couldn’t be without that “little bit of personalisation” on my Filofax.

My new Malden however – is NOT for customisation. I wouldn’t dream about defacing such a beautiful product (not that my metropol is not beautiful in its own right).

Do you customise your cover? Or just the interior?


Composition Book iPad Cover

I have the clip on ipad2 cover from apple, which doubles up as a stand and puts it on standby when you close the cover (Does it have an official name? Or just iPad cover?) It is so convenient I have never considered trying anything more personal and different – there was no need.

Until I came across these – iPad covers made out of a notebook (or hardback book):


Composition Book

Thank you for Etsy emails – letting you find stuff that you want when you don’t always have time to browse the web.


See the full collection of iPad covers made out of books for more inspiration.

My new Malden #filofax

My new malden has arrived … and it is beautiful.


The best thing about the mini Malden, is the smell when you first open it up. I love that. It came with both 2012 and 2013 diary inserts. Fantastic – I no longer need my “2013 important dates list” at the end of my diary. I can write them straight in.

Yes it is a little tight with half of 2012 and all of 2013 squished in, but if I don’t put all of 2013 in it will inevitably get lost in the house move next month (even though I will keep all my notebooks together).

Since I am downsizing from a personal sized Filofax, the diary will literally be my diary, agenda style. This will cover: what I am doing, what is on locally etc. my to-do lists, financials, meal planners etc, will remain in the personal.

I have decided to colour code as well:


There is unfortunately a bit of fade through with my stabilo fine liners – but I can live with that – they are so colourful.

I still need to find an appropriate page marker – suggestions anyone?

And decide whether to also double the mini Malden up as a wallet/purse? Has anyone done this successfully?

Monthly Meetings Notebook from Printed Portal

Ever had one of those regular monthly meetings that you needed to keep track of, and usually take notes on a scrap of paper, only to misplace them or discover they had been recycled. Examples of such meetings are local organisations, training /update meetings, team meetings etc etc.

Printed portal have published a new notebook specifically designed to solve this problem.


I wish I had this when I worked at my old firm. We had monthly team meetings where we discussed firm and team matters such as new starters/leavers, socials, training events, networking events, admin/computer issues, tenders and new clients and general firm updates that affected our department.

Not really tied to any particular file or client, any notes from these meetings were scribbled down on a bit of file paper. Each month came and went and I could never remember what had gone previously. My current firm does not adopt the same approach – only partners attend regular meetings. Simply a meetings notebook in a similar style might be more useful for me now.

That aside, let’s have a closer look at this notebook. The monthly notebook runs from September 2012 to August 2013. (so if you are thinking of getting a copy, better pick it up quick). But also for that reason I have not started using it yet. Each month has a block of pages:

the planner/calendar view


the Agenda, Any Other Business and Notes Pages


And finally the action/follow up pages


While I have not started using the notebook yet, I have done a simply pen test with my inky pens… Only the sharpie marker bleed through.


Currently the notebook is only available in Red, but Printed Portal have said if you have a preferred colour to get in touch. – notebooks with storage

One thing I love about Filofax is that I can store receipts, postcards and other bits and bits in the cover. So, when I noticed the notebooks from mark’s tokyo edge range I was delighted by the idea. A notebook with attached storage in the form of a zip file pocket.


Perfect for a few pens and other bits and bobs – and if you went for the A5 size notebook, you could cram even more in. My only concern would be that I would stuff it full and not organise any of it. But I suppose that is why they call it “temporary”.

Even more of a delight is the 2013 planner, yes, it might be a little early to begin thinking about your planner for 2013. It appears to be a week on two pages (vertical columns). Something to add to my maybe list.

See the full collection here.

It is official… I need a new Filofax

I am struggling to put pages into my Filofax. It is simply not possible to go on holiday (and prepare to go on holiday I will add) without having space in my filofax.

My weekend plan to squeeze in:


And no… I am not making excuses 🙂 I am thinking I will have to use the pink pen more often, I like how it matches.

London 2012

The buzz is beginning to settle here in the UK following a successful Olympics. I had a hectic long weekend in London, but it was fantastic weather and an amazing experience. I honestly wish I had taken more photos – but there is nothing I hate more than “looking like a tourist”.

One stop on our journey was a visit to (one of the many) London 2012 stores within the Olympic park while waiting to enter the stadium. Most people bought t-shirts and bags, I headed straight to the stationery section. I was disappointed. Many spiral-bound rather cheap looking notebooks with the mascot, and no Filofaxes. (I am still hungry for a new filofax but had ruled out the Olympics version ages ago so I don’t know why I was hoping to see it.)

They only thing that caught my eye was the collectors edition of 3 notebooks (diary, notebook and scrapbook) at £30. But since my partner’s mother was insisting on buying EVERYTHING I could not justify asking for a set of notebooks, collectors edition or not. Not to mention my partner is trying to cull my collection. So I was hoping to sneak off later and have a chance to pick one up, but that never happened.


On my return home I looked up the notebooks online – Letts (I love letts) is selling them for a reduced price of £15 (and no sign of them in the 2012 online shop).

In the shop they were all wrapped up in plastic and I could not see the individual covers of the notebooks. Now that I have seen the pictures online, I am not so sure of the purchase. Yes, it would be a great keepsake and yes I love the gold silver and bronze idea for a collection of 3 notebooks, but I have never liked the 2012 logo and it is the same on each notebook. The tourist icon notebook (also available on the Letts website) is a better design.

Oh never mind… It is staying on my wish list!! After all, who could turn down a Letts Diary.

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month

Welcome to August.

I have taken the opportunity this lunch break to review my July to do list. Surprisingly – it all got done.

The monthly to-do is for those slightly larger to do’s that are not allocated to any particular day. In July I decided to tidy up my finances. To dos included getting a credit card, organising my savings, and arranging my mortgage.

I am now pondering my to do list for August.

With a couple of getaways booked in I anticipate that the month of August will be less productive in my free time, so I’ve decided to tackle another area of my life where I have a few key goals. My Career.

Regular readers (and readers of my other blog) will know I am a trainee solicitor. As part of the training we are required to work in different departments for a 6 month period. This month I have to decide what department I want to go to next, and review my progress in my current department before preparing to move on.

So I have now drawn up another list to clip into my Filofax:


Have you drawn up you monthly to-do list yet? What area of your life have you picked “to do”?