London 2012

The buzz is beginning to settle here in the UK following a successful Olympics. I had a hectic long weekend in London, but it was fantastic weather and an amazing experience. I honestly wish I had taken more photos – but there is nothing I hate more than “looking like a tourist”.

One stop on our journey was a visit to (one of the many) London 2012 stores within the Olympic park while waiting to enter the stadium. Most people bought t-shirts and bags, I headed straight to the stationery section. I was disappointed. Many spiral-bound rather cheap looking notebooks with the mascot, and no Filofaxes. (I am still hungry for a new filofax but had ruled out the Olympics version ages ago so I don’t know why I was hoping to see it.)

They only thing that caught my eye was the collectors edition of 3 notebooks (diary, notebook and scrapbook) at £30. But since my partner’s mother was insisting on buying EVERYTHING I could not justify asking for a set of notebooks, collectors edition or not. Not to mention my partner is trying to cull my collection. So I was hoping to sneak off later and have a chance to pick one up, but that never happened.


On my return home I looked up the notebooks online – Letts (I love letts) is selling them for a reduced price of £15 (and no sign of them in the 2012 online shop).

In the shop they were all wrapped up in plastic and I could not see the individual covers of the notebooks. Now that I have seen the pictures online, I am not so sure of the purchase. Yes, it would be a great keepsake and yes I love the gold silver and bronze idea for a collection of 3 notebooks, but I have never liked the 2012 logo and it is the same on each notebook. The tourist icon notebook (also available on the Letts website) is a better design.

Oh never mind… It is staying on my wish list!! After all, who could turn down a Letts Diary.


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