– notebooks with storage

One thing I love about Filofax is that I can store receipts, postcards and other bits and bits in the cover. So, when I noticed the notebooks from mark’s tokyo edge range I was delighted by the idea. A notebook with attached storage in the form of a zip file pocket.


Perfect for a few pens and other bits and bobs – and if you went for the A5 size notebook, you could cram even more in. My only concern would be that I would stuff it full and not organise any of it. But I suppose that is why they call it “temporary”.

Even more of a delight is the 2013 planner, yes, it might be a little early to begin thinking about your planner for 2013. It appears to be a week on two pages (vertical columns). Something to add to my maybe list.

See the full collection here.


5 thoughts on “ – notebooks with storage

    • Very nice. I have not caught a paperblanks addiction (thankfully as they are everywhere). I think they are beautiful, but I dislike writing in them, and I rarely have a use of them. Have to have some control 😉

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