Monthly Meetings Notebook from Printed Portal

Ever had one of those regular monthly meetings that you needed to keep track of, and usually take notes on a scrap of paper, only to misplace them or discover they had been recycled. Examples of such meetings are local organisations, training /update meetings, team meetings etc etc.

Printed portal have published a new notebook specifically designed to solve this problem.


I wish I had this when I worked at my old firm. We had monthly team meetings where we discussed firm and team matters such as new starters/leavers, socials, training events, networking events, admin/computer issues, tenders and new clients and general firm updates that affected our department.

Not really tied to any particular file or client, any notes from these meetings were scribbled down on a bit of file paper. Each month came and went and I could never remember what had gone previously. My current firm does not adopt the same approach – only partners attend regular meetings. Simply a meetings notebook in a similar style might be more useful for me now.

That aside, let’s have a closer look at this notebook. The monthly notebook runs from September 2012 to August 2013. (so if you are thinking of getting a copy, better pick it up quick). But also for that reason I have not started using it yet. Each month has a block of pages:

the planner/calendar view


the Agenda, Any Other Business and Notes Pages


And finally the action/follow up pages


While I have not started using the notebook yet, I have done a simply pen test with my inky pens… Only the sharpie marker bleed through.


Currently the notebook is only available in Red, but Printed Portal have said if you have a preferred colour to get in touch.


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