My new Malden #filofax

My new malden has arrived … and it is beautiful.


The best thing about the mini Malden, is the smell when you first open it up. I love that. It came with both 2012 and 2013 diary inserts. Fantastic – I no longer need my “2013 important dates list” at the end of my diary. I can write them straight in.

Yes it is a little tight with half of 2012 and all of 2013 squished in, but if I don’t put all of 2013 in it will inevitably get lost in the house move next month (even though I will keep all my notebooks together).

Since I am downsizing from a personal sized Filofax, the diary will literally be my diary, agenda style. This will cover: what I am doing, what is on locally etc. my to-do lists, financials, meal planners etc, will remain in the personal.

I have decided to colour code as well:


There is unfortunately a bit of fade through with my stabilo fine liners – but I can live with that – they are so colourful.

I still need to find an appropriate page marker – suggestions anyone?

And decide whether to also double the mini Malden up as a wallet/purse? Has anyone done this successfully?

One thought on “My new Malden #filofax

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