The holiday notebook

A couple of years ago (my last notebook-carrying-holiday-abroad) I wrote a couple of posts about my ONE notebook an introduction and a review. I had the intention of only taking one notebook on holiday and using it for everything.

This year I took 3 notebooks and a Filofax and only used one. My messy notebook.

I took a light notebook that I could cart off to the beach, stuff in my bag and generally stood up to the sun, heat and sun cream. No melting of the spine, only a slight fading of the pages and the cover absorbs the sun cream off my legs without leaving a mark (once dried in).

Overall, a very durable holiday/mess notebook. Only downside, not waterproof, but I have learned to accept that fault over many years of using paper notebooks.

And so what is the notebook I hear you ask? A Kraft journal from one of my fave stationery ranges – knock knock stuff.

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