Filofax: Personal Sized Hole Punch

I usually use a single hole puncher, but I bought a Filofax hole punch at staples a few weeks ago to help with my new metropol setup (still a work in progress) a lot of hole punching, not much time.


What I didn’t realise when I purchased it was was that it doesn’t actually clip into your Filofax so you can carry it around with you easily.

What is up with that?

So I have slipped it into the back pocket of my metropol (I usually use this pocket for coupons and vouchers – so I also did a bit of a spring clean at the same time – only one left as they all expired.

Does any one else own this hole punch? If so how do you store it? Or did I simply make a bad purchase?

4 thoughts on “Filofax: Personal Sized Hole Punch

    • Unfortunately I don’t have room on the rings to do that. Packed too full. 😦 probably why it was immediately obvious.

    • But if you fold it out you get dents either in the plastic flyleaf, or in the pages or in the leather. Wouldn’t recommend that. I think you found a perfectly reasonable place. Or put it in a zipper pouch?

      • Ooh zipper pouch – I like that idea. I may get a desk punch anyway save the bother, but I thought it would be handy to have one of the smaller ones, as I can punch and put in receipts and the like on the go.

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