September, 27/30: Diary formats tried… diary formats to try…

Diary formats for my filofaxes I have tried are:

– day on one page; and

– week on two pages.

My mini Malden is a week on two pages – but the 4 days of the week on the first of the two pages keeps confusing me as my personal metropol week on 2 pages only has three days on the first page and I am much more used to using that.

At the moment I am sticking to the metropol as my daily planner – need to come up with a new use for the mini Malden – might use it for budgeting/expenses.

Day on one page gives plenty of space – and great for when I am incorporating my to do list into my diary – otherwise I don’t need a whole page for the day as I do not keep any work appointments in my filofax.

I would like to try:

– two day per page (as some days I need just a little extra space – at the moment I use a post-it when I have this problem)

– or a day per page with action/ to do list rather than a schedule.

– I currently use a notebook for my month per page so… I might also need to get an insert for my monthly planning too depending on how things go.

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