September, 29/30: Events I would like to attend…

I usually write in my Filofax events that are on in my local area, including free events I might like to attend (usually arty, cultural or geeky), paid events for networking//clubs/organisations I belong to particularly if I don’t know whether I will be able to attend, events and webinars that are taking place online that I want to remember about – usually events I get emails/newsletters about etc.

This is why I find monthly planning quite useful: so far for next month I have –

Q&A session, a week long course, various talks, a ball, a pub quiz, an engagement party, a networking meeting and exams.

I don’t tend to keep an “events” list in my Filofax, rather I write everything in the diary (regardless of whether I am attending as sometimes i simply use it to remind myself that traffic might be bad, or that I should follow up the event with someone else or simply”pass it on” ).

There is much more to events than simply attending them.


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