September, 30/30: Review of the Month

At the beginning of the month I posted my goals as:

1. Blogging goal – Work on the 365/30 lists challenge

2. Career goal – Organise my next 6 month seat (placement)

3. Financial goal – make pack lunches – save, save, save.

4. Me time goal – Continue my reading list (post-holiday)

5. Life goal – Move house

1. Well I am still here doing the blogging challenge even though I had a few late days.

2. My next placement is sorted.

3. I made the odd lunch, bought a couple, and did not eat for a few days. This goal needs a bit of smoothing over.

4. Since returning from holiday I have not opened a book. Dead goal.

5. I am currently living in a pile of boxes, but officially all moved out of my last flat (but still between houses)

On day four I listed my reasons to start golf… This has not happened yet. But I have been busy with the house move. So starting a new hobby is on hold (as has blogging for the large part).

On day 5 I wanted to kick the TV habit, but I never added it to my habit tracker. Next month I will.

Overall view: good month, busy.


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