October, 1/31: Goals for the Month

1. Blogging Goal – get inspired again… (and set up a blogging routine/habit) my energy/focus has been elsewhere lately.

2. Career Goal – last month’s goal was to organise my next placement. Today I started that placement. So this month’s goal is to dig out some old university notes, and do the basic prep for the next six months.

3. Financial goal – last month I wanted to make pack lunches everyday for work. This didn’t always go to plan. This one remains on the list to see if I can make any improvement in relation to this goal.

4. Me time goal – restart my journal. Anyone who read my original blog might remember I had a traumatic experience 5 years ago, and from that moment I stopped keeping a daily journal. Previous to that I kept a daily journal throughout my teenage and university years. I would love to start that up again so that I can treasure memories of happy times in years to come.

5. Life goal – now that I have physically moved house (last month’s goal) I need to sort it out. So this months goal is to tidy/organise the house.

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