a selection of Gardening Journals….

Father’s Day (16 June) is fast approaching and I am once again struggling with an idea for a present.

This year I was thinking about Gardening Journals after seeing a pretty laid out promotional stand for gardening books in Waterstones which included the Moleskine Gardening Journal and I decided to have a look and see what other products are out there. You can always use a nice notebook with a pretty picture, but I thought a dedicated journal might give a better sense of direction.

moleskine garden journal icon

This one is part of the Moleskine Passions Range. Personally I think anyone that buys the Passion Range needs to also have the ability to jazz it up a bit. The YouTube Marketing videos and various blog images promote an arty/doodle feel to this journal.

Both Dodo and Printed Portal Journals are aimed at organising your gardening and getting your garden into shipshape. Perfect for budding and enthusiastic gardeners.

Both of these are long-term journals for more serious gardeners who like to reflect on their garden year on year. Learn from your mistakes and develop your garden year on year with either of these options. Also if you like a bit interesting gardening information – the Lee Valley looks like a perfect choice.

Anyone come across any other good options or have a favourite?

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