Campo Marzio Design

If you love Colour. You will LOVE Campo Marzio Design Notebooks. // Campo Marzio

They are so beautiful and distinctive – I had to buy a whole collection all at once.

I ended up with 3 pack of A6 sized notebooks and two A5 exercise notebooks. All with different dual colour combinations. Red and Pink, Blue and Grey, Pink and Green, Lime and Green and Grey and Red.

On the Campo Marzio Design website they seem to promote their leather goods and luxury goods for working professionals which are lush and vibrant and well worth a look  – unfortunately while they say they are a paper company – there is not much evidence of their paper goods online – only some of their country specific websites and stores include their calligraphy and paper products.

These notebooks have been a perfect addition to my monthly notebook collection. They easily slip in my bag, in my filofax or wherever I need it, all colours of pens, ink and pencils work well on the plain (no lines) and vibrant coloured pages.


These notebooks are FUN! and that is what inspires you to get writing, drawing, sketching, designing or whatever it is that you use notebooks for.

Desk Pad or Mouse Pad?


A few years ago I wrote about using a mousepad as my to do list using the Knock Knock 5 days a week mouse pad which has since my original post become readily available in the UK. (Yay!!)

However, I have now bought a Woodlands Desk Planner from Paperchase.  This one is not a mousepad but rather a desk planner pad and is about twice the size as the Knock Knock Mouse Pad which is the size of the standard mousepad.  I am still using it as a mouse pad which works very well (and saves precious desk space as it takes the place of both my mouse pad and acts as my to do list (with extra writing space)).

The weekly desk planner is great for work as it brightens up my desk and includes all the things I need from notes, to-do list, email and call back list, daily blocks, key info and cute sticky notes. Yes – it includes sticky notes. What is not to love.

Other Desk Planners available from paperchase at the moment include:

Why would you ever want to use a regular old mouse pad ever again? Use a mouse pad as your to do list instead.

To Do List: The 1-3-5 Method

Still struggling to find a way to manage your to-do list? Why not take a step back and use the 1-3-5 rule (from the daily muse). The concept is simple. Don’t overburden yourself with a long to-do list instead pick 9 things to do on a daily basis – I large thing, 3 medium things and 5 small things.

By only adding to your to-do list items that you can realistically check off in a single day – you will feel more productive and more in control of your to-do list.

Download the 1-3-5 To do List or use the electronic web version here.


Travel Passport Sized Notebook from Paperchase


Another monthly notebook from earlier in the year which I had not got round to writing about yet because I hated it. The Travel Passport Sized Notebook from Paperchase with Front Pocket was the usual bargain price for an A6 notebook at £1.75 but the paper inside the notebook was just wrong.

Unfortunately when the notebooks are wrapped in plastic in store you cannot see the paper to make a proper judgment on whether you want to make the purchase. So when I bought the notebook I was simply tempted by the purple colouring and the front pocket and cute fastening. The paper is squared (which I normally love) but the squares were just too large (1cm) and when writing in this notebook I just could not seem to get what I wanted on the page. It is rare for me to get exasperated by a notebook – but I did – and it is just as equally exasperating as I can’t seem to explain why.

So simply put, ignore this one and opt for the plain paper version instead – it is much more satisfying. Of course if you like large squares (1cm) this might be just want you need.

a Revisit to the Rosehip Notebooks

Rosehip Notebook

I bought my first A6 Rosehip notebooks back in 2009. Back then the full range was on plain white paper with bright patterned covers. Some lovely designs but after 5 or 6 notebooks I moved on to new things.

Earlier this year I spotted a few Rosehips in a local museum shop, there was an element of nostalgia and I thought I must buy one of these again. To my surprise when I unwrapped the notebook the paper inside had been upgraded. It was lined and a beige colour with white lines. It was beautiful so I wrote on the whole thing in pencil – I couldn’t bear to deface it. The only downside was the lines were quite thin so I had to keep my writing small.

The fact that it is a pocket notebook (a6) means that it slips easily in your bag, you back pocket, or your filofax. It is a great notebook to have with you on the go. A fantastic re-addition to the Monthly Notebook Collection.

You can find their full range of products on their website.

British Lioncrest Notebook



I bought this British Lioncrest Brand notebook as a single A5 notebook (or rather exercise book or workshop book) from Waterstones for £1.75. However, I have seen that they are available in a lot of independent stationery shops as a 3 pack (of 3 slightly different designs) and are available to buy online for £3.95 at dotcomgiftshop who have a whole range of Vintage Lioncrest products.

I loved this notebook so much that I blasted through it as one of my monthly notebooks.

In less than a month.

It is described as a 30 paged lined white notebook (although I felt the paper has a better quality and more cotton cream than white. One of the best quality papers I had seen for an exercise book and using my fountain pen to fill the notebook it only had a slight bled-through / feathering.

Absolute bargain of a notebook if you ask me.

Although it is a really simple notebook the cover is also quirky, The front is a typical exercise book for office, home and workshop. The back cover (of the green edition) has Common Wire Nail Sizes on the back. While it is not something I use often it is a handy guide for my DIY loving other half.