a Revisit to the Rosehip Notebooks

Rosehip Notebook

I bought my first A6 Rosehip notebooks back in 2009. Back then the full range was on plain white paper with bright patterned covers. Some lovely designs but after 5 or 6 notebooks I moved on to new things.

Earlier this year I spotted a few Rosehips in a local museum shop, there was an element of nostalgia and I thought I must buy one of these again. To my surprise when I unwrapped the notebook the paper inside had been upgraded. It was lined and a beige colour with white lines. It was beautiful so I wrote on the whole thing in pencil – I couldn’t bear to deface it. The only downside was the lines were quite thin so I had to keep my writing small.

The fact that it is a pocket notebook (a6) means that it slips easily in your bag, you back pocket, or your filofax. It is a great notebook to have with you on the go. A fantastic re-addition to the Monthly Notebook Collection.

You can find their full range of products on their website.

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