X is for… xanthic


Xanthic (I struggled with a word for X) means yellowish. I love using yellow pages or pages with a yellow tint. I find them a great way to make information stand out and often used them for summary pages when I was a student. In my student days I used Rhino Yellow Paper.

Other examples include:

And of course most brands/stores do their own branded version of yellow paper/legal pads. Do you use yellow pages? Or any other colours?

W is for… Wedding Planning


Weddings and Wedding Planning enjoy a whole category of books and notebooks surprisingly dedicated to a single day. For today’s post I have pulled together a list of potential wedding planning notebooks for any blushing brides to be who are reading this blog.

And for those of you already married or soon to be married a cheeky last-minute link to the Newlywed’s Book of Firsts (also potentially a great present for the soon-to be married couple in your social circle). Obviously I have not tried any of these out – any readers used any of these (or any other) planner or did you DIY it?


V is for… Vehicles


K Two do a great choice of vehicle documents organisers and periodically release new designs featuring different cars – I have included two examples in the list below. If you are looking to jazz up the plastic wallet that you probably received with your car (and is probably falling to pieces) the vehicle documents file is a great solution.

Do you store or organise your car or vehicle documents in a particular way?

U is for… University Notetaking Notebooks


A lot of students use the Cornell method for note-taking. To find out how to take notes using the Cornell method read the How To here.

If you use the Cornell method, but don’t want to print off templates or mark up a plain notebook you can use pre-printed Cornell note taking notebooks:

Or you can simply DIY the notebook using this instructable from Lifehacker.

Do you use the Cornell method? If not, what method do you use for note taking?

T is for… Travel


Travel. Who does not love travelling. More and More of us are taking time out from our lives to do some travelling. Time passes so quickly when we are having fun and a travel journal (or variation) is a perfect way of keeping a memento of your trip.

If you are a foodie, you may wish to record the restaurants you visited. If you like Bikes/Cycling – a bike watchers journal to record your travels. If you love the arts and visit many museums and cultural events: The Arts Observations and Discoveries Notebook.

If you are not a big writer but like collecting tickets you may be best with a Travel Stub Diary or Ticket Sub Diary or if you want a more traditional travel journal why not check out one of the ones below:

Even if you are not travelling far and staying in your own city or country you may enjoy Side Walks.

Finally you could always simply create your own travel journal like I did here.