B is for… Birthday Book


A Birthday Book helps you remember the annual celebration of your friends and families’ birth date. Yes, you may have ‘facebook’ reminders and alerts in your calendar, but a Birthday Book can make a nice keep-sake in the right book. In 2012 I received the Day Book as a present. It was a huge heavy notebook and in the end not suitable at all for a Birthday Book or as any notebook in the end due to its size.


So what makes a good Birthday Book? For me there always has to be something appealing about a notebook to make me want to buy (and use) it. I like practical. I use a Birthday Card Binder (pictured above).  There are lots of different types out there with different combinations depending on your needs. Some combine address with birthdays (useful for posting your cards), others combine a calendar with the cards (some even include a selection of cards to use) and others combine a gift/present list with their cards. Examples include:

Alternatively if you want to go a bit more traditional there is a great range of simple notebooks. For a taste of luxury why not try a Birthday Book from Aspinal of London. It just oozes elegance. I also love the Fortune Telling Birthday Book available from Roullier White which is a modern-day version of a Birthday Book that my grandma used to use to remember all our birthdays. A sneaky picture of my grandma’s notebook (that she received as a present for Christmas in 1910) can be found below.


Do you keep your birthday reminders in your diary or do you store them independently?

11 thoughts on “B is for… Birthday Book

  1. This is a great idea. I currently have a list of my friend’s birthdays on a sticky note on the inside cover of one of my other notebooks. I’m terrified that I’ll lose it! I love the idea of having a book which would hold the actual card too. Thanks for the links! I’m happy to have found you at A to Z 🙂

    jetgirlcos visiting via Forty, c’est Fantastique

  2. Coincidentally, I just got a message today from an ecard company that my brother’s birthday is on Friday. They were reminding me to send a card – so I did! If I had the dates in a book, I’d forget to look in it. lol

    • It is surprising how many people have birthday books tucked away, sometimes with many people using and with lots of different hand writing.

      Just read your B book post – Blook is a good one – I had not heard of a Blook. 🙂

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  4. I enjoyed this post. I have a birthday nook from my childhood: a small, illustrated, square-format one called Kate Greenaway’s Birthday Book, with a verse for each day. Still have it, though I haven’t added new birthdays to in recently. I also have a birthday calendar, which is easier to use, though not as much fun at the book.

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