F is for… Food


For ‘E’ I blogged about Exercise and Fitness Notebooks (and touched a bit on diet notebooks) today I want to expand on the topic of food. There are a range of ways we can use notebooks and journals in connection with food and diet is only one of them. Back in 2011 I blogged about using a regular daily Daycraft Diary as a Food Diary (find out how I used it here), but today I want to share with you some notebooks designed to be used to record your love with food:

Passionate about your food? How do you store, organise and record your food loves?

6 thoughts on “F is for… Food

  1. I like the idea of recording restaurant experiences in a journal. I wish that I could recall some of the places that we ate in while traveling years ago! (Of course, waaaay back in time I collected matchbooks. But since smoking is out of fashion – and forbidden in most eating establishments now – that particular souvenir is no longer available.) 🙂

    • Yes, Once upon a time I collected matchbooks too. Now I have had to pick up business cards – but they have caused so much clutter I needed to buy a restaurant book just to keep them all in.

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