H is for… Household


A lot of us have some form of household binder or organiser (or a filofax dedicated to household organisation) – what do you keep in yours?

Some people use it to organise their household chores/to do list, others use it for important information and their schedule and others use it for financial and meal planning – a combination of other specific use notebooks/organisers. Examples include:

At the moment I use a filofax for my home organisation. I am not a mum, I do not have a crazy family to organise – so most things can be dealt with in my regular diary with a few extra ‘home’ inserts and checklists added to my filofax.

How do you organise your home life?

5 thoughts on “H is for… Household

  1. I kinda feel like I’m missing out. I totally don’t have a household folder or notebook LoL Though, to be honest, we’re not exactly an ‘organised’ family at the best of times 😉

    • honestly it is not for everyone – but it is a great way to try and be organised – even if you just pick the elements that you struggle to organise to help create more organised habits. 🙂

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