I is for… Inventor’s Notebook


I is for…  Inventor’s Notebook. This could include an Engineer’s Notebook or a Scientist’s Notebook or other form of Lab Notebook

An Inventor’s notebook is used primarily as a research record. It can document ideas, experiments and analysis of results. It can function as an organisational tool, an aide memoire or keep records for IP purposes written as an idea, project or experiment progresses. Often it is like a diary of activities and a chronological account of a project or invention.

The physical notebook is often bound and numbered so that pages cannot be added or removed. If there are IP considerations pages may also be dated and signed. Examples include:

Of course if you have a lot of ideas / projects keeping a lot of professionally designed Inventor’s Notebooks can be expensive so you can make you own with securely bound notebooks.

8 thoughts on “I is for… Inventor’s Notebook

    • I didn’t write about it here but you can also get it for professionals like doctor’s notebooks and architect’s notebooks. I use a lot of notebooks so i enjoy using specific purpose notebooks but it is not for everyone.

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