I can’t believe it is over.

Thank you to everyone who organised the A to Z Challenge and everyone who took part and congratulations to everyone who made it all the way to the end. The first time I did the challenge (2012) I just did a random alphabet – this year I tried to have more of a theme as explained in my theme reveal. I found this worked well and earned me some repeat visitors (Yay!).

The first time I did the challenge I found the blog posts the most difficult thing. This time round I had learned to prepare some in advance, however with a lot more blogs taking part in the challenge I fell behind (seriously behind) on visiting and reading the blogs on the list – side note it would be great if we could find a way to display a theme column on the linky list but I assume it is not possible otherwise we would all be doing this already

Even though I probably read fewer blogs overall this year – I did use my A to Z Notebook from Printed Portal to keep a record of the blogs I visited and I will continue to use it for the rest of the year (post challenge road trip) when I try to get through the rest of the list. So let’s hope everyone puts a nice clear a to z page on their blog listing the challenge posts to make it easy. You can find mine here.

Overall a great challenge and I look forward to taking part again next year.  Oh and for people who found me during the challenge and enjoyed my theme – I pretty much blog about notebooks all year round – so feel free to visit again


The Maker’s Notebooks

Last weekend I went to Maker Faire UK.

Maker Faire UK is described as ” a two-day family friendly festival of invention and creativity, bringing together over 300 hackers, crafters, coders, DIYers and garden shed inventors from across the globe – people who love to make stuff and who want to share their passion with the public.”

Now I thought that was worth supporting and worth going to. It was a great fun day out and I met loads of interesting people and saw loads of cool inventions and tricks. I also had an opportunity to attend some great talks.

You may have noted that during the A to Z Challenge I wrote about Inventor’s notebooks. Well now I have another to add to the list the Maker’s Notebook which I bought at the Maker Faire (and which can also be bought online from Make). What was really great was the a lot of the participants and makers at the event all had these notebooks.


The notebook itself is 165 pages (all numbered). Pages 1-146 are engineering graph paper.  Every page has a blank heading to list project name, date, sign or note, and a place to link project/related pages (“From Page___, to Page___). The rest of the pages at the back of the notebook are reference pages with lots in useful information for makers.

There is also a pocket at the back of the notebook with lots of stickers.

I’ve not started using this notebook yet and will write again once I have been using it for a while.



survivor-atoz [2014] - SMALLCongratulations everyone – we did it! We successfully completed the 2014 A to Z Challenge. If you still need to catch up on my a to z of notebooks the full list of posts is below:

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