Kickstarter Finds 11-01-2015

Welcome to the first Kickstarter Finds in 2015 and we welcome some fantastic new kickstarter projects to kick start the new year:

Another functional notebook from Printed Portal. This time a notebook to help you have more effective meetings.

I actually came across these guys on Twitter before I saw them on Kickstarter. Beautiful looking notebooks.

A book to help you to take the necessary actions to reflect on your life, make changes and set goals for 2015. A great notebook for the start of the year!

Don’t forget there is still time to back the following Kickstarters that I mentioned at the end of 2014:

One thought on “Kickstarter Finds 11-01-2015

  1. The Code and Quill book looked interesting until the guy in the video referred to himself as a “creative”. Good gosh, what an awful term. Probably not fair that I’m dismissing the product for such a small-minded reason, but there it is.

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