A is for…. Alwych


Alwych is all-weather notebook!

“Alwych Notebooks have been a firm favourite for more years than we care to remember. Everything about Alwych is special, from the strong flexible ‘All Weather’ cover, to the section-sewn opaque pages. They are constructed to keep your notes safe.

People who spend a lot of time pursuing outdoor activities and like to take notes appreciate the ‘All Weather’ flexible cover and durability of their Alwych notebook. The ruled pages are printed on light cream paper to increase opacity, so reducing ‘shine through’. They are then section sewn for strength, before being welded into the strong durable cover.”

I personally have not tried this notebook (you can find a great review on Black Cover if you want more information). I’m not an outdoor person and and all-weather notebook has not become a must-have notebook – the worst experience I have had is getting my notebooks a bit damp and I have certainly not lost a notebook to scottish weather.

Have you tried an all-weather notebook? Alwych or otherwise? If you don’t have – you ever needed to?

10 thoughts on “A is for…. Alwych

  1. I have never heard of this particular notebook.I have more notebooks then I care to admit. There is just something about starting with a fresh journal! Glad to meet you through the A to Z Challenge!

    • The fun thing about notebooks is that it is all about how you use them – that is why even though notebooks have been around for years – we still always come up with something new.

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