C is for… Castelli


Castelli is a family brand that is named after the Italian family who create them.
The Castelli’s began making designer paper notebooks and diaries many decades ago in their home in Bergamo. Bergamo is situatied in the Lombardy region of Italy and has a historical importance in Italy with regard to the craftsmanship of the goods made there.The culutural influences and the passion of Lindo and Maria Castelli helped make their products the way they believe all paper notebooks and diaries should be.The Castelli Story – http://www.castelli.co.uk/

Castelli have a wide range of diaries and notebooks. Their ivory collection has beautiful ivory paper in a fantastically (and suprising) wide range of colours and their Lanybrook collection has stunning and unique designs.

My first ever Castelli Notebook was a Pocket Arles Notebook in Purple and it cost £8.95.This was a perfect handbag notebook and I ended up buying another for my mother.

7 thoughts on “C is for… Castelli

    • Hi Melanie – you can buy Castelli online from their website (they also have a US website). I am not sure where you are based.

      Here in the UK you can buy them in a lot of the main stationery stores such as Staples and Rymans as well as John Lewis.

  1. That was really interesting – thanks for sharing! My post today is C for Cider With Rosie…. and Cats… ( I’m number 590 on the list) and so far enjoying the fun!

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