G is for… GO Stationery


GO stationery is a British company and I thought it was about time to put the spotlight on another home-grown company…

GO Stationery are a leading manufacturer and publisher of design led, licensed and contemporary stationery. We offer licensed products in the form of Woodland Trust, Animal Planet, Warner Textile Archive and Jessica Hogarth. Beautiful gold foiled stationery called Shimmer, contemporary floral collections, and modern ranges like Colour Block, Monochrome and Kraft Typo.

Their boldly coloured ColourBlock Range is their product that grabs my attention – they are certainly not afraid of using some colour. In addition to this if you love a good exercise book they also have a neat collection of exercise books to keep anyone with a creative or artistic eye happy.

4 thoughts on “G is for… GO Stationery

  1. Not gonna lie, I just clicked your name in the list and didn’t even look at what you blogged about before I started reading down your posts. I was quite confused for a bit as to why all your posts were about notebooks. After that I read your subtitle and it made much more sense.

    • I’ve done that a few times with blogs. but sometimes that is the great thing about the challenge. You read things you would not otherwise read (or find) and learn things you didn’t know you didn’t know haha. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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