N is for… Noodoll


For N we have chosen to look at cute design brand Noodoll. This is a brand that I have not personally used but came across while looking for a suitable ‘N’ brand/company for today’s entry in the A to Z Challenge. That said. I am excited about finding this brand and their cute stationery items and their adorable fruit and veg stationery pack – looks fantastic. Find out more about the brand below:

Noodoll is a fun, bold, design-led brand. We design and produce toys, gadget holders, stationery, accessories (and lots more). We’re based in London but we send these goodies, with lots of love, to lucky recipients around the world.
At the heart of Noodoll are a cast of characters, both mischievous and friendly in equal measure. Made out of noodles and rice, these playful partners appeal to children and adults alike.

Our customers often tell us that they’ve fallen in love with the wonderful and unique world of Noodoll. We reckon that the potent combination of cheerful bright design, humour, honest quality, affordability and responsible manufacturing has this effect. What’s not to love?

Noodoll was created by designer and author YiYing Wang (王怡穎) as part of her MA in communication design at the Central Saint Martins, London.

In addition to bringing the wonderful world of Noodoll to life, YiYing has written six successful books, penned articles for a number of publications continues to create ranges of characters for other publishers and brands.

Here’s a sneaky peek of YiYing and the Noodoll Studio,courtesy of Life.Style.etc.

Noodoll.com – About us

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