T is for… teNeues


teNeues Notebooks from teNeues publishing are simple practical notebooks. All the notebooks that I have purchased from teNeues I have used cover to cover. So lets find out more about this publishing company:

For more than 50 years now the teNeues brand has been synonymous with the publication of finely produced illustrated calendars. From this original core business has grown an internationally established publishing group that annually markets approximately 500 illustrated calendars on a wide variety of themes. At the same time, teNeues’s book publishing arm, with its illustrated books on photography, design, lifestyle and travel as well as high-end stationery such as blank books, journals, post cards and greeting cards, has become one of the leading international book publishers.

With over 130 employees, and overseas offices in London, Paris and New York, and the teNeues stores in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich, as well as an important business presence in more than 70 countries, the company is a worldwide player represented in all important markets across the globe.

It’s fascinating to trace the evolution of this international publishing powerhouse. In 1931 when Dr. Heinz teNeues, grandfather of the current managing partners, Hendrik and Sebastian founded the teNeues offset printers in Krefeld, nobody could have guessed the direction the firm would take. Destroyed in the war, the printing plant was rebuilt 12km away in Kempen by Dr. teNeues and his son Manfred. It was from here that in 1958 the first teNeues art calendar–and towards the end of the sixties–the first greeting cards were produced. Under the far-sighted guidance of Dr. Manfred teNeues the firm prospered. In 1977 the teNeues publishing division was separated from the printing plant. It was at this stage that the basis for international expansion was set: in 1982 Dr. Manfred’s eldest son Hendrik set up the teNeues Publishing Company in New York. Other subsidiaries quickly followed in London and Paris.

Nowadays the first foreign office in the “Big Apple” employs 10, having expanded from cards, posters and blank books into the area of art publications. In 1995 the teNeues book line (with an emphasis on photography) was founded. In this same year the first book title “Studio 54: The Legend” hit the stores. 1995 was also the year Sebastian teNeues (youngest son of Dr. Manfred teNeues) joined the company.

Today the two brothers Hendrik and Sebastian teNeues jointly manage the company. They’re supported by an active board that counts among its members Dr. Manfred teNeues and Werner Klatten (managing director of the German Sports Council) as well as other experienced members of the business community. The family continues to play a significant role in the company. “Certain standards are crucial when the firm carries your family name. That’s certainly an opportunity–but it’s also a responsibility–and a challenge as well” emphasizes Hendrik teNeues. Side by side the two brothers strive to continue the successful legacy of the teNeues publishing group.

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