W is for… Whitelines


W is for… Whitelines.

I enjoy using Whitelines Notebooks and I have used a Whitelines notebook as one of my Monthly Notebook in the past. The idea behind Whitelines Notebooks is straightforward grey paper with whitelines distracts less.

Whitelines® was founded in January 2006 by three friends in Stockholm with one ambition: to make a contribution to a better world, no matter how small. The means to this end was a simple but very effective idea – a new kind of writing paper which, through its remarkable clarity, could support everyone’s writing, drawing and thinking. Why not take one of the mainstays of everyday life and improve it? Whitelines® is today based in Stockholm, Sweden, working to support your ideas for the future.


It took me a few goes to get used to using Whitelines Paper. The first Whitelines notebook I bought (back in 2010) I didn’t finish until 2012 when I tried again and only in 2014 did I purchase a Whitelines A5 notebook (this time the lined version) and use it from cover to cover. The second time round I really enjoyed using it. Of course the notebook is a standard high quality notebook (80 g paper)and is available in a wide range of binding and size options. It is similar to a large number of products in a similar price range therefore the choice one makes to use this notebook over the other options is purely personal choice as a result of favouring the page colouring of a Whitelines notebook over another. Whether this is because you find it less distracting or easier on your eyes, or whether practically this type of paper simply suits your needs better. (After all the end result of less distracting lines can be a required advantage if you are scanning/copying the pages). The choice is yours.

Not tried it yet? Download the paper for free.

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