A6 Organiser from B&M


Everyone loves a bargain. B & M are selling an A6 Organiser for £1.29.

The Organiser is a week to view diary in the first half and an address book in the second half and there is also a pen included. The ballpoint pen is also included – which is a neat enough pen – no smudging like you often get with cheaper pens and writes quite smoothly on the paper. Of course you can simply swap the pen out for another if you prefer and the pen loop gives enough to hold most pens.



Both parts of the organiser slip into the cover which means if you don’t have much use for a written address book you can swap this out and include an A6 notebook instead. Most A6 notebooks should fit but bear in mind that the notebook has to slide inside the cover so some A6 notebooks may still be a few mm too big (like my rosehip notebooks).

. cover

Here I have swapped a Cath Kidston notebook into the cover so I have a diary and a notebook in one organiser which is very handy for carrying about in my smaller handbag in case I need to make notes while on the go. I might even try swapping back to an A6 Monthly Notebook.  It is very easy to swap notebooks around depending on your needs. You might choose a different notebook if you are going out shopping, or going to work etc.

cath kidston

Visit B&M website to find your nearest store (UK).

Countdown to 2015: Diary Collection

There are a lot of beautiful diary collections out there. Your choice will partially be based on your preferred format (eg. dialy, week to view, Week on 2 pages and monthly (and how much space you need for the weekends), but sometimes it is just the classic look and feel of a diary that wins out.

1. Castelli

I tried a Castelli Notebook for the first time this year and loved it.Therefore it was only natural that I would check out their Diary offerings as well. They are available from John Lewis and are available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your personal taste.

See: Castelli Ivory Collection

2. Letts

Like previous years Letts Diaries are personal favourites of mine especially for the desk diary option. However, they do a great range of simple and affordable diaries – personal & business.

See: Letts Diaries

3. Moleskine

I have already purchased the 2015 Monthly Agenda Diary from Moleskine as I always find that there are few options for a decent Monthly Diary and I have used this one previously. In additional to their monthly option Moleskine have a full range of daily and weekly options.

See: Moleskine Diaries

4. Paperchase

For simple diary options with a bit of colour and character then look no further than Paperchase for your shopping. These are great for day-to-day diaries.

See: Paperchase Diaries.

5. Filofax

For the diary that you can reuse each year – use a filofax. If you haven’t already got one of these ring bound organisers you can get one here. If you are already a proud Filofax owner and are simply in need of new inserts here are some of my favourite options for 2015:

What will you choose?

Countdown to 2015: The Blog Planners & Printables Edition

Many of us use a diary or planner to plan our online life, business or blog. So here is the round-up of some of the great blog planners available on the web. Some have been updated for 2015, some are just good classics:

Countdown to 2015 – a reflection on previous years

It is that time of year again – I’ve got to start agonising over what choice to make for my 2015 diary. Even though I know already I will have several. (And I also know that I will receive at least 2 diaries and 3 calendars as Christmas gifts).

Some friends might say it is way too early to be considering such an item but it pays to be prepared. Usually I have a free writing journal and then a small pocket diary to scribble down appointments and a bigger diary for to-dos.

In this series I am thinking about the simple all day – every day diary.

In 2004 – 2006 I used small blue pocket (page a day) diaries priced at 70p from Bargain Books. They were great and simple, perfect for when I was a student, but obviously looking for something a little bit more grown up now.

In 2007 – 2008 I had the Quo Vadis Textagenda diary which I loved (again another student planner), but then after I purchased this one I never saw one of these in the shops again.

2008 – 2009 I had a black simple diary purchased at Wilkinson’s until I scrapped it in favour of a moleskine diary as my main “cart it around everywhere” diary.

In 2010-2013 I used various moleskine diaries including – colour a month and a number of different weekly layouts.

In 2014 I finally started using a Pocket Filofax for the first time ever which I have found to work quite well as an all day – every day diary as if I want to get rid of some of the extra notebooks in my bag on a particular day I always have extra pages in my pocket as a backup.

and so the search begins for a diary for 2015…

Countdown to 2014 #7: The Filofax Edition

Some of you may have already purchased your Filofax inserts for 2014, but in case you haven’t here is a round up of some of the great diary and planner inserts available:

This year I have gone for the regular filofax inserts – sometimes when you do have a printer it is just easier (even if it is not as pretty). What inserts are you using in 2014?

Countdown to 2014 #6: The Choice of Moleskine Diaries


In any given year I usually buy at least 1 Moleskine branded diary or planner.

So let’s recap:

  • In 2009 there was the pocket-sized Moleskine in red which was a week on one page, notes on the other. I used this one when I was a post-grad student which was perfect as the diary/week view keep track of classes and deadlines and the notes page was my to-do and reading list. It acted sort of homework diary. They still sell this popular diary and it can be found on their website here.
  • In 2010 I was drooling over the Colour a month…. and finally bought it when I was in the US in summer of 2010 (but I had to wait until 2011 to use it).
  • In 2011 I had the Moleskine Colour a Month.  (yes I bought it 6 months in advance). Unfortunately, my enthusiasm didn’t last as I didn’t have the inclination to carry around multiple planners (as well as my multiple notebooks) and I was frustrated by only thinking about a month at a time and I didn’t have the need for a page per day. However, you cannot deny how beautiful this planner is and if a day per page is what you are looking for you can grab the 2014 one here.
  • In 2012 there was the Moleskine Monthly Planner which I used as a Blogging Journal / Diary. I used this diary when I was trying to get revamp my blog and get it back on track. That year I also took part in the A to Z Challenge in April and the planner was a great help with that and even featured in my B is for… Blogging post.  You can grab the 2014 Monthly Planner (Large) here.
  • In 2013 I had two. A small pocket Monthly Planner and the 2013-2014 Turntable Planner. I really never got to grips with the turntable style of planner and never used it. However, I did enjoy the lightweight (and smaller) Monthly Planner. I had originally bought it because there was no large Monthly Planners left – however I found that I didn’t miss the extra space and it was much more portable. Pocket 2014 one available here.

So what might I choose for 2014?

Well there are a new collection of professional diaries which I have not seen or used yet – so I might be tempted to try something completely new. There is the Project Planner which is an accordion folder year planner in a moleskine – although as my work is not really ‘project based’ I would fear that it would go unused and the Action Planner may be a better choice with week on two pages in columns which reminds me of my a5 filofax week on two pages column format inserts which I love – so I know I would use it. My only concern is that it is described as extra large – and I don’t really have the need for yet another desk diary.

The alternative would be to consider a 12 month Passion Planner but none of the ‘passions’ really match up with what I want to do in 2014 (and I wasn’t a fan of the Passion Journals).

So once again I think the choice will have to be my favourite – the monthly planner.

Countdown to 2014 #5: The Desk Diary

In 2011 I took a bold choice and changed my traditional A4 desk diary from Letts to a more fun ‘colourful’ Paperchase version. It worked well but it lacked substance and quality and the following year I forego a desk diary altogether. Now 2014 is approaching I have chosen another classic brand for my A4 desk diary: the Collins Debden A4 page per day diary in red.

However, I am disappointed. I seem to have bought the ‘essential’ range diary by mistake and it has poor quality paper. The bleed through of my Stabilo pens is terrible (3/4 pages). So I may be using biro and pencil this year. I am not a pen lover – anything will do – but I do love colour. (Here is a picture of my 2009 Letts Desk Diary – perfect for using with my Stabilo Pens). So the question is – is it just because my diary was unknown to me branded as ‘essential’ or has the general quality of paper just simply gone downhill in 5 years? Or is the quality of Collins Debden just simply not as good as Letts?

We may have to wait till the January Sales and try to pickup a third desk diary and do some investigating. If anyone has bought a Letts or Collins Desk Diary this year please let me know about your paper quality in the comments 🙂