October, 2/31: who would you want to be stuck in a lift with?

Anyone of these fabulous people would make this list…

1. My best friend from school to have a good chat

2. My boyfriend as I always love to spend time with him no matter what we are doing

3. My parents as we rarely get quality time

4. My work pal who can always make me laugh (and who would probably sneak in a bottle)

5. My boyfriends parents to simply have the time to get to know them better

October, 1/31: Goals for the Month

1. Blogging Goal – get inspired again… (and set up a blogging routine/habit) my energy/focus has been elsewhere lately.

2. Career Goal – last month’s goal was to organise my next placement. Today I started that placement. So this month’s goal is to dig out some old university notes, and do the basic prep for the next six months.

3. Financial goal – last month I wanted to make pack lunches everyday for work. This didn’t always go to plan. This one remains on the list to see if I can make any improvement in relation to this goal.

4. Me time goal – restart my journal. Anyone who read my original blog might remember I had a traumatic experience 5 years ago, and from that moment I stopped keeping a daily journal. Previous to that I kept a daily journal throughout my teenage and university years. I would love to start that up again so that I can treasure memories of happy times in years to come.

5. Life goal – now that I have physically moved house (last month’s goal) I need to sort it out. So this months goal is to tidy/organise the house.

September, 30/30: Review of the Month

At the beginning of the month I posted my goals as:

1. Blogging goal – Work on the 365/30 lists challenge

2. Career goal – Organise my next 6 month seat (placement)

3. Financial goal – make pack lunches – save, save, save.

4. Me time goal – Continue my reading list (post-holiday)

5. Life goal – Move house

1. Well I am still here doing the blogging challenge even though I had a few late days.

2. My next placement is sorted.

3. I made the odd lunch, bought a couple, and did not eat for a few days. This goal needs a bit of smoothing over.

4. Since returning from holiday I have not opened a book. Dead goal.

5. I am currently living in a pile of boxes, but officially all moved out of my last flat (but still between houses)

On day four I listed my reasons to start golf… This has not happened yet. But I have been busy with the house move. So starting a new hobby is on hold (as has blogging for the large part).

On day 5 I wanted to kick the TV habit, but I never added it to my habit tracker. Next month I will.

Overall view: good month, busy.

September, 29/30: Events I would like to attend…

I usually write in my Filofax events that are on in my local area, including free events I might like to attend (usually arty, cultural or geeky), paid events for networking//clubs/organisations I belong to particularly if I don’t know whether I will be able to attend, events and webinars that are taking place online that I want to remember about – usually events I get emails/newsletters about etc.

This is why I find monthly planning quite useful: so far for next month I have –

Q&A session, a week long course, various talks, a ball, a pub quiz, an engagement party, a networking meeting and exams.

I don’t tend to keep an “events” list in my Filofax, rather I write everything in the diary (regardless of whether I am attending as sometimes i simply use it to remind myself that traffic might be bad, or that I should follow up the event with someone else or simply”pass it on” ).

There is much more to events than simply attending them.

September, 27/30: Diary formats tried… diary formats to try…

Diary formats for my filofaxes I have tried are:

– day on one page; and

– week on two pages.

My mini Malden is a week on two pages – but the 4 days of the week on the first of the two pages keeps confusing me as my personal metropol week on 2 pages only has three days on the first page and I am much more used to using that.

At the moment I am sticking to the metropol as my daily planner – need to come up with a new use for the mini Malden – might use it for budgeting/expenses.

Day on one page gives plenty of space – and great for when I am incorporating my to do list into my diary – otherwise I don’t need a whole page for the day as I do not keep any work appointments in my filofax.

I would like to try:

– two day per page (as some days I need just a little extra space – at the moment I use a post-it when I have this problem)

– or a day per page with action/ to do list rather than a schedule.

– I currently use a notebook for my month per page so… I might also need to get an insert for my monthly planning too depending on how things go.