Tid-bits from my Blog

I’ve been debating the future of my other blog this week. With a lack of posting and another change in job I wasn’t so sure whether I wanted to continue. I decided to have a browse of some of my older posts and discovered just how many notebook postings I did prior to starting this blog (which is of course what prompted me to start this separate blog). This has now reinspired me.

I decided to share some of my older posts from my other blog here as regular notebook lovers would have missed these:

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On another note I am debating whether to make the a to z challenge a double whammy and enter both blogs.

Discuss: Should you write your personal information in your diary? Do you?

It is the first of February today and this morning I got out the second notebook in my Colour a Month planner. I opened the first couple of pages and proceeded to write in my contact details and personal information without a second thought.

Then that second thought came.

We live in a world where everyone is concerned about their data, particularly on their computers and over the internet. You “play it safe” with minimal information, hiding your birth year or email address on facebook, and giving fake addresses when you sign up to websites. Of course these choices are not solely for security issues, but concerns about such issues (e.g. ID theft and fraud) have an influence.

Do we translate these concerns to our pen & paper bubble?

What happens if our filofax/diary/planner (with all our personal information, our schedule, our home address and all sorts of personal reminders from passwords to pin numbers) gets misplaced? Sure it may not matter, but there is a what if – what if it falls into the wrong hands? After all there is no “password protection”.

So it may be a bad idea – but what is the solution, is the solution that we write in code/shorthand, simply not write all our personal info in one place, chain ourselves to our diary?

I have no straightforward answer and would be interested in hearing other people’s views.

Do you reveal too much personal information? Do you consider this to be a realistic concern?