Pukka Pad Project Book

pukkapad notebook

The Pukka Pad Project Notebook is a cheap and easy notebook to use on the go. I bought this one in WH Smith in an airport – as I felt like writing on the plane.

This Pukka Pad Project Notebook is part of pukka pad’s stripes range.


  • A5 (but is available in other sizes)
  • 250 pages of 80 gsm paper
  • Perforated Pages
  • Moveable Dividers
  • Wirebound

The feature that makes this a ‘project notebook’ is the dividers. This means that you can split the use of the notebook. For example I have a section for Ideas and Things to do List, a section for Free-Writing, a section for content and a section for resources. The dividers can be moved so not all your sections need to be the same size and this is a great function that not all project notebooks have.

Overall, this notebook made a great addition to my monthly notebooks collection. It was suitable for scribbles and random notebooks and for tearing out pages when I needed a page on the go.

However, I was disappointed by the paper. It lacked something. My favourite pens did not glide over it and I did not enjoy the experience. I write because I enjoy to write and this was a disappointment.

I also found that some of my highlighters would be visible on the other side of page while some inky pens could be used (such as Stabilo Fineliners) others most certainly could not (a Sharpie bled through two pages).

If you are looking for a notebook to organise your writing and make you more productive – this project notebook has potential. It performs well as a notebook, with the useful features like the moveable dividers and perforated pages ranking it above other affordable options.  However, as a notebook to use to enjoy the experience of writing – give this one a miss.

My Field Assistant has Arrived.

A couple of months back I backed The Field Assistant Project on Kickstarter. It was shipped as promised very promptly and has now arrived.


I chose the Hummingbird design – and I have to say that it looks even better in real life. I simply love the design.  The Field Assistant is made out of titanium and primarily acts  as a Notebook Cover and is capable of holding multiple notebooks – although I am still getting used to using the elastic band to open and close it as I find this quite slow and frustrating.

That said, the product provides great protection for notebooks on the move and doesn’t really add anything to the size/weight of the memo notebook so it is still easy to carry around. It also doubles up as a phone stand which I must admit I have found a very useful feature.

I have not started using the Field Notes memo book that the product included yet and will post about this sometime soon.

Don’t forget there is still time to back other great notebook products on kickstarter such as the Magnote (which still needs a little bit of love) and the Hard Work Notebook. I am a proud backer of both.

Revisiting Your Monthly Notebooks: Getting it all done.


Last Month I wrote about Revisiting your Monthly Notebook and making it an actionable to do list. I have been busy with the A to Z Challenge among other things but I have now finished reviewing this particular monthly notebook.

This monthly notebook had really been used as a disposable to-do list so once I finished highlighting the extra to-dos, I then checked them off and folded over the pages that I had completely finished, so I had a physical way of tracking my progress and didn’t miss out on any of the single items on a random page.

When I was approaching the end it also provided motivation to work on the to-dos as I wanted to get the notebook finished.


Now I can successfully say I completed yet another monthly notebook.


Stop Doing List (and my monthly notebook)



This month I have been using two notebooks one of which is an A6 Campo Marzio Design Notebook (pictured above) which is part of the Campo Marzo bundle of notebooks I bought last year. The notebook I have been using has a bright blue cover and grey paper. Using a mechanical pencil on grey paper actually looks quite beautiful and works very well. but I have also been using coloured stabilo pens, Frixion Pens and normal biro pens and the pencil is generally my favourite – but as usual I simply use what I have to hand.

The unfortunate thing about this notebook is that is does not wear well travelling in my bag all day and does not deal well with water. I have a few obvious water stains on the cover from general use/wet weather etc and where the pages have been damp, you can’t write over much to my frustration. But it is a nice notebook it just feels more like a disposable notebook and not a notebook you intend to keep and refer back to and have a proud place on your shelves.

Finally I would like to share with you my new stop doing list. With the A to Z Challenge starting in a matter of days I wanted to reevaluate my stop doing list:


Looking forward to getting started 🙂



Revisiting your Monthly Notebooks – Make it Actionable


February felt like such a short month and with other commitments taking up all my time I have somehow filled my January Monthly Notebook, but not ACTIONED all of it. So this week I have started going back through my TuNeues Notebook and made it actionable.

So how am I making it actionable? I have tried many different methods this time I have chosen to do this using a Frixion Light by Pilot (an erasable highlighter).Starting at beginning of my old monthly notebook I have assumed that I have actioned and dealt with most of the notes that I have made. I use the highlighter to mark up those things that I wish to do in the future – e.g. writing ideas, things to research, things to do or things I have to read. If something is not actionable but I want to transfer the information to another place or notebook I also do this at the same time. Any extra notes that I want to add while reviewing the existing notes I usually write these in the highlighter pen as well so that I can tell they are new and relate to the freshly highlighted content.  I usually carry out this initial review on the go when I have a quiet or idle moment such as when travelling by bus or waiting at the train station.

Following the initial review I then set aside a block to time to work on the actionable to-dos highlighted in the notebook. This is usually when I have some free time and I am in front of my computer (but not always the case).

There are two approaches you can take: focussed or easy-going:

1). If there are a lot of items that can be carried out at different times it can be worth using a spare page and writing a to-do list (or incorporating the actionables into your to-do list with a page reference if necessary); or

2). Simply browsing the notebook and picking something you are inspired to (or feel like doing) within that time block.

Either method can be very effective. It is also a great method of reviewing used monthly notebooks before archiving them.

Cool Notes from TeNeues


In January I broke out my Cool Notes Notebook in red from teNeues. The hardcover is red, but what is even more special is the inside cover (pictured above) which is Bright Red and Yellow Zebra Print. It is awesome and totally brightens up your day. The notebook itself is a bright red and is a great alternative to a moleskine notebook. In this particular notebook the left hand page is blank and the right hand page is lined which make it perfect for this month’s monthly notebook.  Other features include the ribbon bookmark, elastic closure and pocket at the back of the notebook. Again reminding me of a moleskine notebook.

There is a wide range of designs/patterns and colours available (both for the hard cover and the inside cover). See a sample of the range on their website.


Writing in the notebook feels great, the paper is smooth – I use my stabilo pen collection which glide over the page (and leaves minimal bleed through (pictured above). The pages of course are versatile and cope with writing, drawing, doodling etc  – everything I pretty much need from a Monthly Notebook. For those of you who don’t already know – my Monthly Notebooks are notebooks that I carry daily to jot down notes and ideas. Each month I try to fill a different notebook with such goodies. You can find the full list (dating back to 2009) here.