C is for… Career Development Notebook


I have just completed my first FULL Career Development Goals Notebook. I bought this notebook last year from fellow A to Z challenge participant Cori and have just ordered my second. Over the last year this notebook help me to plan and action 12 goals to help progress my career development which ended with a job offer to start a fantastic new role with a new company this month. The new notebook I have on order will help me to look forward to new achievements in my new role.


The Career Development Goals Notebook is a slimline pocket notebook, with room for 13 Goals each of which you are prompted to break down into bite size “Next Steps”.

For example my goal might be Goal: Attend [Course] and the next steps would be – (1) research possible courses (2) enroll on course/pay (3) pick classes (4) read prep information (5) coursework (6) attend course [dates] (7) homework (8) revision  (9) exam (10) get results (11) certificate (12) inform employer / add to CV. This particular goal was spread over a six month period (and ran alongside other goals).

All 13 Goals would start and progress at different speeds over the course of the year (and not all the next steps would be pre-determined I could add these as and when I needed to). The Progress Tracker and Reviews contained in the second half of the notebook were an essential part of this notebook.


I coloured coded my progress tracker with the reviews. For example my first review was completed in light blue (this can be seen in the right hand corner of the top image) and on the Progress Tracker the light blue shaded boxes where the next steps I had completed  at the time of the review. G2 had been completed (and the last next steps were not needed (symbolised by the ‘X’)). The Progress Tracker and Reviews were a fantastic way to keep on track with the goals, revitalise after a quiet period and work out what you had to do next or improve on (if falling behind) or give you a sense of achievement (if progressing well).

Do you have any notebooks dedicated to career or even to your goals? Share yours in the comments.


Monthly Meetings Notebook from Printed Portal

Ever had one of those regular monthly meetings that you needed to keep track of, and usually take notes on a scrap of paper, only to misplace them or discover they had been recycled. Examples of such meetings are local organisations, training /update meetings, team meetings etc etc.

Printed portal have published a new notebook specifically designed to solve this problem.


I wish I had this when I worked at my old firm. We had monthly team meetings where we discussed firm and team matters such as new starters/leavers, socials, training events, networking events, admin/computer issues, tenders and new clients and general firm updates that affected our department.

Not really tied to any particular file or client, any notes from these meetings were scribbled down on a bit of file paper. Each month came and went and I could never remember what had gone previously. My current firm does not adopt the same approach – only partners attend regular meetings. Simply a meetings notebook in a similar style might be more useful for me now.

That aside, let’s have a closer look at this notebook. The monthly notebook runs from September 2012 to August 2013. (so if you are thinking of getting a copy, better pick it up quick). But also for that reason I have not started using it yet. Each month has a block of pages:

the planner/calendar view


the Agenda, Any Other Business and Notes Pages


And finally the action/follow up pages


While I have not started using the notebook yet, I have done a simply pen test with my inky pens… Only the sharpie marker bleed through.


Currently the notebook is only available in Red, but Printed Portal have said if you have a preferred colour to get in touch.

Home Decor Scrapbook

Planners to organise your daily life are becoming more common, as a society we are slowly becoming more addicted to organisation and pre-made planners make it oh so easy. Paperchase has recently brought out a decorating scrapbook to assist when you are decorating your home (one to add to the collection when I am finally out of the rental into a home to call my own).


The website unfortunately does not do the scrapbook justice, it is lightweight yet sturdy with lots of tidy pockets. The only danger I can see it one filling up the pockets in respect of the inspiration and swatches sections and not the pages, but even if you just write in the rest – there is no denying that having all the decorating stuff in the same place is not just… easier.

and if home decorating is not for you they also have a gardening scrapbook in the same range.

Alife B6 planner

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This Alife planner was just something I picked up in the Bargain Bucket in Paperchase. This notebook has a PVC enamel covering and is available in a variety of colours.

What is so great about this notebook is that it is made to be functional – with a variety of pages, labelled on the front as: Free Writing 176 pages, Free Drawing 196 Pages, Memo 16 pages, Information archive 16 pages. It also has plastic pockets in the over to place loose bits of paper (and in my case souvenir beer mats).The notebook is incredibly durable and survived a month backpacking round Europe.

There are many specialised travel journals out there, but I found that this notebook suited my needs more as I could tailor it to suit me.

I planned my journey in the free writing section, detailing the cities I was going to and mapped out locations of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. The perfect way to cut down from a full-on travel book. The other sections are suitable for diary entries, keep track of you holiday budget, keeping your souvenirs and  keeping note of information.