Monthly Notebooks

Each month I dedicate a small notebook/exercise book to live in my bag for the sole purpose of collecting every errant thought:

2009 Notebooks

2010 Notebooks

2011 Notebooks

2012 Notebooks

2013 Notebooks

2014 Notebooks

2015 Notebooks

  • 01/2015: Cid Pear – 3 degrees journal
  • 02/2015: Blue Feather Notebook
  • 03/2015: A5 Exercise Book
  • 04/2015: Le Cahier Owl Notebook by O-Check

12 thoughts on “Monthly Notebooks

  1. Hi,

    I just wondered if you could help me out? I’m a huge stationery fan, and I have a huge stash of notebooks, but I’m really after one which is a bit of a strange size – 10.5″ x 8″. I wondered if you’d come across any stockists which do this weird size?

    love your blog,



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