Z is for…Zequenz


Another exciting collection of notebooks to share with you for the final letter of the challenge.

The “ZEQUENZ” Story

“Each sequence in life is a memory worthy to keep.”

– Mrs. Sinee Dumrongkitkarn Founder, Zenith Enterprise, 1989

The ZEQUENZ brand of unique and innovative office and personal stationery products was established in 2008 by the Zenith Enterprise, a leader in specialized paper making since 1989. Driven by the inspiration of creative design, the integrity of material used, and the necessity of quality construction, ZEQUENZ produced its first line of personal journals in the iconic and signature 360° collection.

True to the dedication of providing the best products for the unique lifestyle, ZEQUENZ continues to develop and produce premium writing and personal office products for the likes of writers and journalists, business individuals, artists, architects, designers, and any passionate individual. ZEQUENZ: Memory Lasts

Find out more at Zequenz.com

Y is for… Yard O Led


Y is for… Yard O Led.

The Yard-O-Led Pencil Company was founded in London in 1934 by a Mr Brenner to produce his patent propelling pencils which contained twelve three inch leads (that is to say, 36 inches or a yard of lead). After the second world war the company merged with Sampson Mordan Ltd whose founder had patented the first mechanical pencil in 1822. They built a new factory in Birmingham and took over Edward Baker Ltd, another pencil maker.

The company is now part of the Letts Filofax Group and produces expensive fountain pens as well as pencils; most of which are made from hallmarked stirling silver.

Wikipedia.org – Yard-O-Led.

To have a closer look at their beautiful collection of pens – check out the Filofax website.

X is for… X17


X is for X17. X17 is a German “ring notebook” and is more like a personal organiser (and while I have not used on of these it appears similar to a Midori Travellers Notebook or ringbinder organiser such as a Filofax). Their website copy just builds up your hunger for a new notebook…

X17 Notebook: Your notebook for everything.

Each X17 Notebook can hold two to four insert booklets. We currently have 15 different types of insert booklets for each format size and are continually adding more insert booklets to our selection.
That’s why an X17 Notebook can be used for anything! For example, you can use it as a:

  1. Personal Planner
  2. Notebook
  3. Diary
  4. Idea Notebook
  5. Appointment Planner
  6. Time Planner
  7. Calendar
  8. Household Notebook
  9. Teacher’s Calendar
  10. Address Book
  11. Hiking/Backpacking Journal
  12. Pilgrimage Journal
  13. Traveling Journal
  14. Personal Organizer
  15. And much, much more.

X17 uses a book-by-book system, which means that we use bounded insert booklets rather than loose-leaf insert pages. Strong and flexible rubber band rings hold these insert booklets perfectly in place along the binding of your X17 Notebook. The idea is so simple that one asks oneself, why didn’t anyone come across this idea earlier?

One Idea – Four Uses

At the very beginning, our goal was to develop an alternative to the “traditional ring notebook”. We wanted to design a notebook that wasn’t so bulky, that wasn’t so thick, and that would allow you to freely and easily write on the left-hand side of the page. And that’s how our X17 Notebook came into being, initially planned as a personal organizer with a calendar.

Then the idea took off and developed a whole new set of dynamics. More and more ideas began to surface for other ways to use this new notebook technology. New applications for the notebook were added to the design plan, for example, a concept for a teachers’ planner and a pilgrimage journal. We are currently developing our newest concept for a family calendar and industry customers are working on their own concepts as well.

  1. X17 Notebook: Includes 2,3 or 4 insert booklets.
  2. X17-Notes: Notebook with exactly one insert booklet.
  3. X-Cards: Notebook = Postcard with one insert booklet.
  4. X-Cards: Art Gallery – Customizable Notebook

The X17 Family Of Notebooks Has Many Outstanding Features. X17 Notebooks Are…

  • .. Slimmer than a metal ring notebook.
  • .. Slimmer than most notebook calendars.
  • .. Slimmer than most notebooks.
  • .. Adaptable – you can remove and reinsert many different kinds of insert booklets – whatever you need to fit your needs.
  • .. Ecological – our notebook covers can last a lifetime. (This holds true for our leather, leather fiber materials and polypropylene covers.)
  • .. Practical – even the left-hand side of the page is easy and comfortable to write on, without any cumbersome metal ring notebook mechanism to get in your way.
  • .. Made to have more writable area than a traditional ring notebook.
  • .. Available in 7 different cover materials!
  • .. A German innovation, patented and trademarked.
  • .. Purely made in Germany!

Read more details of the available covers and notebooks direct on their website or if you are already sold just go direct to their online shop.

V is for… Visconti


V is a shockingly difficult letter to find a stationery brand/company for. I am of course running behind schedule – but I would like to complete the challenge in full even if I have ended up running late.

For V I have chosen to share more information about Visconti. Another fabulous Italian company that produces beautiful pens.

Till 1988 Visconti, the firm that brought writing back to Florence after a period of oblivion lasting over thirty years, has turned Florentine craftsmanship into a icon of its output accompanying its fundamental values of passion, art and technology.

For over twenty five years the name ‘Visconti’ has been synonymous of extraordinarily elegant writing instruments coming from very intense historical and technological researches, fountain pens, rollers and ball-pens. Visconti offers a broad assortment of high quality items all showing strong characters and features.

find out more on their website at Visconti.it.

L is for… Letts


Today we are highlighting another British Company/Brand as part of the April A to Z Challenge. I chose not to do Filofax for F – so I can’t possibly let L pass me by without doing Letts. Letts are one of my favourite diaries and I often blog about them in my annual countdowns. If you are practical, organised and just want to get things done without any fancy stuff – these are a solid choice as they are luxurious but keep you focused while still being affordable.

 The name Letts has been synonymous with diaries since the beginning of the nineteenth century.  In  1796, the founder, John, established a stationery business in the arcades of London’s Royal Exchange.The merchants and traders who frequently purchased stationery items from this shop needed a means of recording the movements of stock and controlling their finances.  John Letts responded to the needs of his merchant customers in 1812 by creating the world’s first Commercial Diary.

The diary soon established itself as an essential feature of commercial life.  The rapid refinement of the product, with the introduction of detailed information sections, meant that by the 1820’s the first modern style diary ranges were published.

Today, the company manufactures over 22 million diaries and is firmly established as the market leader supplying more than 40 per cent of all branded diaries in the UK and exporting to over 75 countries around the world

In the past few years, Letts have invested in machinery and fulfillment systems that allows them to offer a more personalised option. We now implement global contracts, which include a web-based order system, offering bespoke products, and added product personalisation which are then fulfilled to all regions of the world. Over 300 staff are employed by Letts at a 250,000 sq ft factory which incorporates customer service, print, bindery, and fulfillment on one site.

Throughout the years Letts has undergone a number of ownership changes and in August 2000 a Management Buyout team were successful in buying the company. Discussions commenced on October 2000 to acquire Filofax. In July 2001 Letts Holdings Ltd acquired the Filofax Group to become the Letts Filofax Group Ltd.  LFG now comprises principally of two UK operations and eight overseas subsidiaries.

Letts.co.uk – about us

K is for… Kikki K


For me there is only one word that describes Kikki.K products and that is beautiful. Their website is a stationery lovers heaven full of love passion and eye-candy that makes you want to fill up your shopping basket with oh so many goodies.

For this reason they are the stationery company/brand that I wanted to share with you today. Find out more about them below.

At kikki.K we embrace the Swedish design principles of form and function to bring you seasonal collections of delicious stationery, gorgeous gifts and organisation solutions.

It started as a dream to create something I was totally passionate about. Now it’s a global journey as we continue to deliver seasonal collections that are statements of style.

We are passionate about helping you achieve the sense of wellbeing that comes from being organised in style, because we believe it improves your quality of life.

By saving time and energy, you can focus on the important things in life. If your life is sorted, your mind will be too – and what a fantastic feeling that is.

Since being founded by Swedish born Kristina Karlsson in 2001, kikki.K Swedish Home/Office Style has won a string of awards for excellence in retail, business and design. We are passionate about being a great place to work and are proud to have been recognised in the BRW Best Places to Work in Australia in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Kikki.K Website – About Kikki.K

Their stores are in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. But thankfully – they do ship worldwide – but oh how I wish they would open a physical store in the UK.