Countdown to 2014 #2: The Life Book by Organised Mum

lb14Photo Credit: Organised Mum Website

This diary from Organised Mum really is the complete package. There is soooo much organised goodness that it is drool worthy and a contender for this year’s planner of choice. The website sets out the features as follows:

Clever features:

  • A5 in size with hard-backed cover
  • Week-to-view diary that you can use straightaway and lasts until December 2014
  • Traditional diary layout that provides lots of space for appointments
  • Weekly perforated shopping lists
  • Menu planning and to do lists
  • 288 colourful reminder stickers to highlight important events
  • Monthly planning pages so you can see the month at-a-glance
  • Weekly routine pages
  • Yearly planning pages
  • Separate address book that sits neatly inside the diary back pocket that can be moved from year to year to save rewriting
  • Christmas planning pages
  • Summer holiday planning pages
  • Pocket at the back for notes and bills
  • Elastic bandeau to keep the diary closed when you’re out and about
  • Two repositionable clear page dividers

I honestly don’t know what else you might need…. so just grab it now. 🙂

Well, you might need the family sized Life Book for caters up to 7 people.


Address Book from Pictura

address book

Today is a bit of an odd one. An address book.

Who uses those anymore I hear you ask.

Well, I got it as a gift from my grandparents and thought I would add it to the blogging pile. The cover has a velvety feel (the black lines and magnetic closure are velvety) and personally I find the swirling patterns rather beautiful.

If it was an ordinary notebook I would be using it in a flash, without a second thought. Now I have to come up with a way to use an address book without using it as an address book…

Maybe password and logins? or a LinkedIn backup?

Everlasting Address Books

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guest post by illegible handwriting:

While browsing in town today I came across an address book brought to us by Padblocks (you know the company the produces the cubed notepaper with animal designs down the sides).

(Photo from PadBlock’s Website)

The address book claims to be different because it is an everlasting address book (you have stickers to replace old addresses without messing up the book and can add in more pages) although if you ask me that takes all the fun out of shopping for a new address book.

That said it is still a neat idea because I’m always crossing things out – as students, my friends and I often relocate every year and I’m constantly having to re-assess where to send the next birthday card too. That said, these problems that the everlasting book solves can be solved by other means – a) electronic means and b) buying blank stickers of your own to use in an existing address book and c) asking friends and family. My current address book is terribly out of date.

Definitely a contender in my hunt for a new address book. Loving the look of the lavender one (£8.49 Online).