Kickstarter Finds – 24-05-2015

A few interesting Kickstarter Projects to share this time round…

  • Kytso Creative Notebook is a white ideas notebook. It is a hardback notebook with pure white creative pages printed with grids but oddly they have also made the middle 32 pages of the book pure black (which can only be written on with a white or a silver pen). This is intriguing.
  • DIXI Notebook. This is described as a “high end and ultra minimalist” notebook. The notebook is designed with freedom in mind so there are are no lines or grids on thes pages. It is available in Black or Red.
  • Enigmaze (Hardcover Notebook for your Passwords). I came across this one by accident when I was accidently sent a link to this instead of an ipad app. This one pleased me more. Enigmaze helps you create strong passwords (and remember them).
  • The Time Notebook. Yes I have mentioned this one before. The previous Time Note Book project was canned. Hover, this everyday planner is up for grabs once again. This project is already funded and we are down to the last 42 hours of the campaign so grab your copy quick.
  • The Passion Planner is back. This time it is the academic planner (Aug 15- Aug 16). They have also included a pay it forward program this time round. I bought the Passion Planner as part of the last Kickstarter Campaign and I am still happily using my 2015 planner so will not be backing the academic planner. But for those of you who are interested in the differences this time round other than the dates, there are new quotes and challenges after December 2015. The other change is that there are now ust grid pages and no plain pages in the notes section. If you missed out last time round this notebook is worth checking out.
  • Time and ToDo Planner (Weekly Planner for busy professionals). Another Weekly Planner with a different design including a nice balance of flexibility and structure. Still not found your perfect weekly planner (yes we know… it’s tough!) This might just be the one for you.

Kickstarter Finds 15-02-2015

This week  I received two of my Kickstarter notebooks and reviews on both The Passion Planner and the Spark Notebook will follow later this month.

So what other exciting notebooks and stationery products have become available on Kickstarter? Check out some more interesting finds below:

Kickstarter Finds 25-01-2015

Time for another round-up of some great kickstarter finds. Interesting new campaigns that have been added since my last round-up include:

This is the latest campaign from the VBOS. I backed their original storyteller notebooks.

Don’t forget there is still time to back these other ongoing projects if you haven’t already done so:

Kickstarter Finds 11-01-2015

Welcome to the first Kickstarter Finds in 2015 and we welcome some fantastic new kickstarter projects to kick start the new year:

Another functional notebook from Printed Portal. This time a notebook to help you have more effective meetings.

I actually came across these guys on Twitter before I saw them on Kickstarter. Beautiful looking notebooks.

A book to help you to take the necessary actions to reflect on your life, make changes and set goals for 2015. A great notebook for the start of the year!

Don’t forget there is still time to back the following Kickstarters that I mentioned at the end of 2014: