What is your Canvas?

The sky is your canvas with the skywriting journal, it is similar to the walls notebook which is perfect for graffiti doodles. The pictures in these notebooks are your pages, your canvas. Unfortunately for me they more likely to inspire me to doodle, than write but i find them inspiring nonetheless (and relaxing in the case of the sky journal).

Pictures and photos make a great canvas or backdrop for a notebook, and a recycled or up cycled notebook is frequently made up of such images. Ideally what pictures do you think make the best canvas?

Personally I love postcards. Postcards as a canvas are great, provide inspiration but leave room to write and you get so many classic images on postcards. My favourite postcards as landscape scenes, quirky sketches and vintage art.

Photography meet notebook, notebook photography

I love printed photography – when I was younger I used to have collages of photos over every gap on my wall. Creating memories, being artistic – whatever took my fancy -usually with a disposable camera. Now my older house/room sharing self fills photo albums and scrapbook instead (although as always I have a few trips to catch up on).


The photo journal pj128 by magma books caught my eye, as it is a notebook and scrapbook in one. I saw it while browsing the Tate Gallery shop moments before closing time.

A neater/tidier idea than a scrapbook but with space for photos, dates, comments and memories, has the potential to become a very treasured notebook.

What is you book of choice when it comes to photographs: album, scrapbook, notebook, other? Or with the majority of cameras being digital do you stick to online albums such as Facebook or Flickr?