Quaderno Italiano

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Quaderno Italiano is exactly what it says it is – a quaderno (exercise book) from Italy. If you used these sort of thing at school, it will really take you back. Thin small book, with space to write your name, teacher and subject on the front cover and on the inside. There is even a box at the back of the book with the times tables.

This note book has a dark cover, which is just thickened paper, quite flexible and with flimsy flickable pages inside, edged in red which is a nice touch – like I said before it is basically a school exercise book which it part of the novelty of it. Once again this notebook is part of my daily collection of notebooks. I use this particular one for drafting blog posts while commuting if inspiration strikes.

The particular one that I bought is the Maths version with squared / grid paper as can be seen in the photos below, but the notebook is also available in plain and lined paper.

As for the paper, here I’ve been writing in basic blue ink fountain pen, and it writes well.

So why get it? Well for one they are reasonably priced at a few quid (I got mine in Waterstones), light and easy to carry around, not to mention the novelty factor of being a School exercise book and red edged. To top it of, it has been admired on numerous occasions because not a lot of people have them, yet.