P is for… Paperblanks


Usually I choose a notebook for a functional purpose or because the are cheap (because I fill notebooks so quickly). Paperblank Notebooks are the exception to the rule. I buy them because a particular design catches my eye.


Paperblanks® are beautiful writing journals that celebrate human artistry and craft. From French textile design to Persian Safavid binding art, from Japanese Lacquer box patterns to the traditional embroidery from India’s Gujurat region, each Paperblanks® design honours the beauty of artistic creation. Our notebooks are a connection to the richness discovered within centuries of world art and culture.

At Paperblanks® we have been producing superb writing journals and everyday objects for over twenty years. At the heart of everything we create is our belief that art matters. Above all, we are people who love to create and who appreciate the rich artistic history of human culture. We are also committed to being responsible global citizens; by utilising acid-free, sustainable forest paper and 100% recycled binder boards we advocate for social and environmental responsibility and support organisations that do the same. Our global citizenry goes hand in hand with our exacting standards of quality and design. We take painstaking care with every detail of the creative process, from the individual product components to the well-being of the craftspeople who put them together.

Innovative design, careful handiwork and conscientious manufacturing practices all go into the creation of every Paperblanks® product, resulting in functional art objects that we can all feel good about using and owning. Whether recording your thoughts, ideas, stories, poems or memories, our product line offers a perfect marriage of imagination and art, always inspiring a unique experience.

Paperblanks Website

At the moment I am after this one because I love the design and of course their 10 year journal is also on my wishlist.

Quality/Paper, Cover Design or Function? What do you go for?

O is for… O-check


O-Check Design Graphics designed my current monthly notebook so I thought I deserve a mention for such a simple exercise book with a lovely owl sketch.

Established in 2000 in Seoul, Korea, O-Check Design Graphics produce a wide range of notebooks and stationery products. As well as their exercise books which are cheap and surprisingly sturdy for an exercise book (although mine has got a little dirty) they have a lovely practical range of planner products.


O-Check was established in 2000 in Seoul, Korea and quickly developed a reputation for stationery that is both beautiful and functional.

Derived from the Korean word gongcheck, which translates to a book with nothing inside, the name O-Check captures the essence of its notebooks – items which upon creation are empty, but come alive when filled with words, thoughts, feelings and drawings.

Telegram Paper Goods – O-Check Design Graphic Page

Other stockists include: Notemaker (AU) and Fox & Star (UK)

N is for… Noodoll


For N we have chosen to look at cute design brand Noodoll. This is a brand that I have not personally used but came across while looking for a suitable ‘N’ brand/company for today’s entry in the A to Z Challenge. That said. I am excited about finding this brand and their cute stationery items and their adorable fruit and veg stationery pack – looks fantastic. Find out more about the brand below:

Noodoll is a fun, bold, design-led brand. We design and produce toys, gadget holders, stationery, accessories (and lots more). We’re based in London but we send these goodies, with lots of love, to lucky recipients around the world.
At the heart of Noodoll are a cast of characters, both mischievous and friendly in equal measure. Made out of noodles and rice, these playful partners appeal to children and adults alike.

Our customers often tell us that they’ve fallen in love with the wonderful and unique world of Noodoll. We reckon that the potent combination of cheerful bright design, humour, honest quality, affordability and responsible manufacturing has this effect. What’s not to love?

Noodoll was created by designer and author YiYing Wang (王怡穎) as part of her MA in communication design at the Central Saint Martins, London.

In addition to bringing the wonderful world of Noodoll to life, YiYing has written six successful books, penned articles for a number of publications continues to create ranges of characters for other publishers and brands.

Here’s a sneaky peek of YiYing and the Noodoll Studio,courtesy of Life.Style.etc.

Noodoll.com – About us

M is for… Midori


For our M post we are taken a look at Midori. Midori create all types of stationery products but in the notebook world they are famous for the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (MTN).

The MIDORI brand creates paper products, including letters, greetings cards, colored papers and stickers, and creative design stationery with sophisticated designs.

Since its establishment in 1950, the Midori brand has been popular with many customers and has produced many hit products and long sellers.In addition to sophisticated designs, we manufacture goods that combine both beauty and functionality by paying special attention to beauty and materials used.

About Midori

The MTN is all about customisation. Its cover, made of cowhide. You can then choose refills (and swap and change the refills) to suit your own personal needs. The pages are simple, made for easy writing – being Japanese the paper is of course fantastic and suitable for fountain pens.

In the UK you get get all your Midori Notebooks from the Journal Shop.

L is for… Letts


Today we are highlighting another British Company/Brand as part of the April A to Z Challenge. I chose not to do Filofax for F – so I can’t possibly let L pass me by without doing Letts. Letts are one of my favourite diaries and I often blog about them in my annual countdowns. If you are practical, organised and just want to get things done without any fancy stuff – these are a solid choice as they are luxurious but keep you focused while still being affordable.

 The name Letts has been synonymous with diaries since the beginning of the nineteenth century.  In  1796, the founder, John, established a stationery business in the arcades of London’s Royal Exchange.The merchants and traders who frequently purchased stationery items from this shop needed a means of recording the movements of stock and controlling their finances.  John Letts responded to the needs of his merchant customers in 1812 by creating the world’s first Commercial Diary.

The diary soon established itself as an essential feature of commercial life.  The rapid refinement of the product, with the introduction of detailed information sections, meant that by the 1820’s the first modern style diary ranges were published.

Today, the company manufactures over 22 million diaries and is firmly established as the market leader supplying more than 40 per cent of all branded diaries in the UK and exporting to over 75 countries around the world

In the past few years, Letts have invested in machinery and fulfillment systems that allows them to offer a more personalised option. We now implement global contracts, which include a web-based order system, offering bespoke products, and added product personalisation which are then fulfilled to all regions of the world. Over 300 staff are employed by Letts at a 250,000 sq ft factory which incorporates customer service, print, bindery, and fulfillment on one site.

Throughout the years Letts has undergone a number of ownership changes and in August 2000 a Management Buyout team were successful in buying the company. Discussions commenced on October 2000 to acquire Filofax. In July 2001 Letts Holdings Ltd acquired the Filofax Group to become the Letts Filofax Group Ltd.  LFG now comprises principally of two UK operations and eight overseas subsidiaries.

Letts.co.uk – about us

K is for… Kikki K


For me there is only one word that describes Kikki.K products and that is beautiful. Their website is a stationery lovers heaven full of love passion and eye-candy that makes you want to fill up your shopping basket with oh so many goodies.

For this reason they are the stationery company/brand that I wanted to share with you today. Find out more about them below.

At kikki.K we embrace the Swedish design principles of form and function to bring you seasonal collections of delicious stationery, gorgeous gifts and organisation solutions.

It started as a dream to create something I was totally passionate about. Now it’s a global journey as we continue to deliver seasonal collections that are statements of style.

We are passionate about helping you achieve the sense of wellbeing that comes from being organised in style, because we believe it improves your quality of life.

By saving time and energy, you can focus on the important things in life. If your life is sorted, your mind will be too – and what a fantastic feeling that is.

Since being founded by Swedish born Kristina Karlsson in 2001, kikki.K Swedish Home/Office Style has won a string of awards for excellence in retail, business and design. We are passionate about being a great place to work and are proud to have been recognised in the BRW Best Places to Work in Australia in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Kikki.K Website – About Kikki.K

Their stores are in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. But thankfully – they do ship worldwide – but oh how I wish they would open a physical store in the UK.