Cavallini Sticky Notes

It is like Marmite. You either love post its or you hate them. I simply love them and go through PACKETS of the yellow Sticky Notes at work. But it has been a nice treat to use sticky notes which I received as a gift. These are from Cavallini:

They come in a lovely little tin and split into 5 different pads. This particular set – the to do set –  is great for the typical organiser, and can be used in the office or a home for many different uses.

These are so pretty I was initially reluctant to actually use them at work. Part of me thought what a waste – but then I decided that they are even more of a waste if I just let them sit.

How do I use these?

  • FYI: I like to leave these ones when I leave a document on someone else’s desk and they are not there.
  • Appointments: I rarely use this one unfortunately. It has more use outside of work  – and I frequently put them in my diary if I am trying to schedule something and I know that the date is going to move around a lot.
  • Remember: For important notes.
  • To Do List: This is normally used in relation to a particular file as a reminder of everything I have to do with it. This type of note can also be used well by the sort of person who wants to achieve a number of targets a day.
  • The Week: Perfect way to plan the week, and see the broad picture at a glance. This note gets stuck to my monitor.

Cavallini do a whole range of sticky notes which come in a wide range of designs, which reflect a lot of their notebook/paper ranges. They are obviously doing something right because Waterstones have now added a similar product to their own stationery range.

Stockists: US: Touch of Europe. UK: Papernation; The Paperie and Bohemia.