What is your Canvas?

The sky is your canvas with the skywriting journal, it is similar to the walls notebook which is perfect for graffiti doodles. The pictures in these notebooks are your pages, your canvas. Unfortunately for me they more likely to inspire me to doodle, than write but i find them inspiring nonetheless (and relaxing in the case of the sky journal).

Pictures and photos make a great canvas or backdrop for a notebook, and a recycled or up cycled notebook is frequently made up of such images. Ideally what pictures do you think make the best canvas?

Personally I love postcards. Postcards as a canvas are great, provide inspiration but leave room to write and you get so many classic images on postcards. My favourite postcards as landscape scenes, quirky sketches and vintage art.

Post Box: Roald Dahl stamps


The Royal Mail have issued their latest collection of stamps on the 10 January 2012. The collection takes the well know illustrations (illustrated by Quentin Blake) from Roald Dahl’s six most famous books (great pub quiz question).

Please see the shop website for some great Roald Dahl items (not just stamps).

Post Box: Helvetia Fr1.20 Dairyman’s Dog

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Definitive stamps: «Animals» 1993

Designed by Basle graphic artist Celestino Piatti and steel engraved by Max Müller, Bern.

“Fr.1 .20 Dogs can be fairly described as pets, farmyard animals or working animals, depending on the breed . While widely kept as a pet, ‘man’s best friend . also has an important role to play on the farm as a watchdog or shepherd’s and cowherd’s helper . Some breeds are still occasionally seen harnessed to carts carrying milk churns . Last but by no means least, dogs render invaluable services as search and rescue animals at avalanche and disaster sites, as guard dogs or as guide dogs for the blind. The best-known Swiss breeds are certainly the four types of Sennenhund (dairyman’s dog) — Bernese, Appenzell, Entlebuch and Big Swiss — and, of course, everybody’s favourite, the St Bernard.”